Sonya Crossley

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State Texas
Surgery Date 1/14/09
Tube lengths L 6 R 6
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Jan 2009

Hello everyone! my name is Sonya Crossley. I'm from Texas. I just recently had a tubal reversal surgery performed by Dr. Perez on January 14th of this year. I am 34 years old. I already have a 16 year old son and a 14 year old daughter, but met my mate chosen by God for me, and he is childless, and I had always said that I would untie these tubes in a heartbeat for the right man. Luckily I found him. He wanted children so bad, and I happen to be extreme mommy material! My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 which relapsed in 2007, and then diagnosed with brain cancer in November 2008. She happens to be my very, very best friend in this whole wide world, and I want more than anything to have more children before she ever left the world, and if I happened to have a girl first, she would be named after her and my fiancÚ's mom, whom already passed 4 years ago. I had a few jitters about the surgery for a while, but as the time neared for the surgery, I was surprisingly calm and assured about the procedure.

My fiancÚ and I flew to McAllen where we were greeted by Dr. Levi's wife, Cassandra who chartered us to the hospital. The hospital was very clean and quaint which made it even more comfortable to me. The nurses were extra caring and Dr. Levi greeted us with a nice warm smile. I suddenly knew I had nothing to fear. They came for me to perform the surgery about 2 hours later, and wheeled me into the surgery room. My fiancÚ filmed the entire procedure. I had an epidural, but don't fear, I didn't even feel the needle! I happen to be terribly afraid of needles, so this was a plus times two for me!

The surgery was a little over an hour long, and I woke up in the middle of the night light headed and a little nauseated, but it subsided after a few hours. I was not able to eat 10 hours prior to the surgery, and had only juice and jello afterwards, so I was starving and ready for breakfast the next day! The food was very good and was on time each and every mealtime. Dr. Levi checked on me and my stitches and informed me of having 6cm on each side. This is a blessing. I left around 1:00 pm with confidence that I would have an addition to the family, and this is all because of God using these good people as vessels to miracle-working, because our children are ALL little miracles.

Pray for me and my family, and I will pray for all of you and ask God to bless us all with his little angels, for bringing a precious life in this world is the Greatest Gift of all, besides the Lord giving his only Begotten Son to us. God Bless, and thanks for everything, Staff!! !


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