Nadia Gonzalez

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State Idaho
Surgery Date 3/07/09
Tube lengths L 4 R 4
Pregnancy 1 It's a Boy!
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Welcome Josue Gonzalez

I had my baby on March 10, 2010. A beautiful, healthy baby boy, Josue, weighed 7 lbs, 11 oz and 19 inches long.  When I had my surgery, I had 3 girls, now I have been blessed with a boy.

Thank God and the staff with Dr. Roberto Perez and Rio Bravo Reversal! =)
I will definitely keep referring people to them!!

Aug 2009

I recently found out I am pregnant. I am about four weeks along. I have not seen a doctor yet because all the appointments are out for 3 weeks. So as soon as I do I will email another update with a due date and status of my little miracle, God's gift of life.

thank you all and take care

Nadia Gonzalez

May 2009

My name is Nadia Gonzalez, I am 29 years old. I had my tubal ligation after I delivered my third baby when I was only 21. I had tried every form of birth control and I was blessed with three beautiful girls. The first one I was on the pill; the second one, I was on the depo; and the third, I had the IUD. So after years of trying not to get pregnant and being in an unhealthy relationship, at the age of 21 I had my tubal ligation done. At the time, that seemed like the logical thing to do. Finally, I couldn't get pregnant anymore!

Fast forward: I got divorced. Remarried a wonderful man and we wanted to have more children. He has been a wonderful stepfather to my girls but we wanted to have one of our own and try for a boy. We researched our possibilities and what alternatives were available to us. I looked at invitro and that what out of our price range. WAY OUT THERE! Then we looked at several facilities here in the US and the lowest price I found was still $10,000.00. So I lost all hope and decided that I had made the biggest mistake of my life by having my tubal done. I felt so sad and depressed that I would not be able to experience pregnancy again. My loving and supporting husband didn't give up and he said we would pray about it and start to save up for the surgery. And I thought, "Yeah right, let's just save up $10,000", as if that were ever going to happen.

Then I don't know why, I think God was talking to me, I looked up tubal reversals in Mexico and came across Dr. Perez's website. I read every page and hyperlink attached to each page. I got so excited. I told my husband and we were both skeptical. Especially since you hear so many doctors in Mexico don't do the work they are paid to do. After all I was going to be out on anesthesia. So I continued to keep going back to his website and a week later I scheduled my appointment. The staff was great during the scheduling process. They were patient with me and answered all the questions I had, and believe me they were a lot. I had my surgery done March 7, and was told I had 6 cm on each side to work with.

I was lucky enough to have my father drive me from the US into Rio Bravo. And since I was able to speak Spanish, there really wasn't a language barrier. However, Dr. Levi, did explain everything to me in both English and Spanish to ensure that I understood everything. I was impressed with the hospital staff, how clean the hospital was, and how cozy "my room" felt. Everyone smiled, they knew it was a scary thing to be going through, in such a distant and foreign place. Dr. Levi checked on me before he left home late in the evening, and I thought, "What is he still doing here? Shouldn't he be at home resting since my surgery is at 8 in the morning?"

I am not going to lie, I was nervous before the surgery, and really didn't sleep the night before. Dr. Levi came to get me bright and early to get me for surgery. I was a big baby and did require additional anesthesia but believe me the $200 for extra anesthesia, it was well worth it! I awoke as I was being escorted from the surgical room back to my room where I would recover. My dad and step mom were there for support. Dr. Levi not only took great care of me, he also took the time to explain the process to my dad and step mom. Thank you so much Dr. Levi!

I stayed for the day to ensure my recovery, granted I slept most of the day. I was released the following morning and felt great. The nurses helped me dress and out the door. I received post op instructions and off I went.

I was definitely recommend anyone that has been through the same experience to Dr. Perez and his staff. I know it's sounds scary to go across the border to get a major surgery done, but I am glad that I did. I don't feel that I would have received the same attention and care had I gone to a doctor here in the US.

Thanks again to all the staff at Hospital de las Americas, Dr. Perez, and especially Dr. Levi. I look forward to emailing you soon and saying we are expecting.

Nadia Gonzalez




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