Stephanie Hernandez

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State Texas
Surgery Date 06/12/2009
Sterilized 11/10/1999
Tube lengths L 6 R 6
Pregnancy 1 It's a Girl! 10/05/10
Pregnancy 2  
Pregnancy 3  
HSG 08/13/09 - 1 tube blocked other unsure


Welcome Jasmine Alicia

was born on October 5, 2010 she weighed 7lbs 2 oz 19 1/2 in. long. She is truly a blessing!!
Thanks to Dr. Perez and his staff!

Mar 2010

Update:  Pregnancy # 1 estimated due date - Oct 10. 2010


Mar 2010

I'm 34 my Boyfriend :-* of 2 1/2 years is 28. I've been divorced twice I have 3 beautiful children,  soon 2 have bdays this winter so their ages will be 15,13,10(TL 1999). My boyfriend has no children and has never been married. So after a couple of years discussing the TR we decided 2 go for it ;D! I was scheduled for my TR on June 13th 2009.

So Friday Morning June 12th my sister and I headed out to McAllen, Tx around 6:30 am ;), I live in Fort Worth, Tx so it's roughly an 8 1/2 hr. drive. We arrived @ the McAllen Airport around 3:30 pm. I had planned on arriving around 5:30 pm, well that's what I had arranged with Marcos. the shuttled had already picked up a couple around 2pm so we had 2 wait around the Airport for a couple of hours.  About 6pm Dr. Levi's wife and a friend of hers arrived to pick us up. Crossed the border everything was smooth sailing :) Marcos had already mentioned that if I arrived early they might perform the surgery that night so I didn't eat or drink anything after 12 noon., well we arrived @ the Hospital. it's nice and quite. Dr. Levi's wife had me sign the paperwork and I had a mini physical with a Dr. because I had 3 previous c-sections and I am overweight  lol. So he did an old fashioned EKG and gave me a clean bill of health...or so I assume because he said I was good 2 go ;D. The nurses came in and set up my IV...I speak Spanish fluently so that put them at ease right away. They brought my sis dinner and then around 7:30pm they said it was time   I was a little nervous but not 2 much. They rolled me back to surgery and the Dr's were sitting in the hall and were happy and asked me if I was ready I said Yup ;D. So once inside the surgery room the anesthesia Dr. prepped me 4 the epidural. I must say it was the least painful epidural I have ever had in my life:) I don't even remember the catheter being put in either?? Anyhow...I was awake the whole time. the Dr.'s were telling each other silly jokes...and well they kept asking me if I was ok and I was like yeah I'm go figure..  Well I remember going to the room and my sis was like that took 4 ever. I said I was only gone like 30 min ..she said no Steph u were gone like 1hr and 45 min. anyhow ..the Dr. Diaz came in and was the sweetest guy ever. I swear he was in there for like an hour talking to us. They took the payment and he mentioned that they had to give me an additional dose of anesthesia because I wouldn't stop moving. and he said I talked the whole time  I don't remember..ha-ha. That was $200 bucks extra. I said hey u should have just told me 2 be he laughed.

Well he said 6cm on each side. so that's great he said. So I tried 2 sleep after he left and it was a kind of rough night. The epidural was uncomfortable. and one time I woke up I was looking 4 the nurse button on bed????  There wasn't 1!! I saw the phone and was thinking well who n the heck do I call?? I tried waking my sis 2 call the nurse and her lazy self was like..huh..huh...and just stayed asleep! I figured I could chunk the phone @ her that was a thought. I didn't. she finally woke up. She called the nurse I think her name was Rocio or Rosario..she was awesome). Got me sum meds ;D. So Sat. was uncomfortable I wanted to get up so bad I was tired of laying down! well my legs didn't feel to numb well the right leg was not numb at all and the left felt a little numb from my hip 2 knee. So superwoman me thought I would just sit up on the side of the bed and try 2 stand just 4 a sec.... :o Yeah my leg gave out and I FELL on the floor IV came out. mind u I have the epidural in and the catheter!!! :o What was I thinking ???. My sister was like OMG!! let me call the nurse! I said calm down don't call them let me try 2 get well no luck because I couldnít feel my leg 2 stand up! So she called the nurses and 2 came in and they were telling me in Spanish. what are doing? you're not supposed 2 get up!! Estefani..(that's what they called So the older nurse told me she was going to help me up. then I started feeling like I was going to pass out. I told her 2 give me a pillow. she was like what?  I said, "Give me a pillow so I can pass out pls". She said, "let's get you up", I told her 2 let me pass out first then she could pick me up. So that's what I did. My sis said her and the nurse just stared at me on the floor and I was So once I came 2..I told her to let that weird feeling pass then I would let her pick me up. Once in the bed they gave me oxygen. my sis said I was GREEN! :-X...Well I felt better after awhile. then as the doctor's showed up each one came in to ask about what happened. I just covered my face with the They were like you should have called a nurse. I said "I thought I was ok". It was funny the nurse said, I made her sugar levels drop and her blood pressure go up! lol Well thank GOD I didnít hurt myself  with the epidural in my back that could have turned out bad..  I don't know what I was thinking ???. Well later on Dr. Levi came by and asked if I wanted to go home that evening...I said sure:) so around 5pm we were taken back to the Airport and drove home. Got home @3:30am :-\...we had 2 stop a lot along the way I was sore!!!!!! But we made it home safe and sound. and well Aug 13th I will TCC!!! Wish me luck!

P.S. I asked Dr. Levi about he said no need for a kit or anything. because there will be that one day in the month when u look @ ur man and no matter how unattractive he may be or if he didn't brush his teeth or bathe, he will look like the most sexiest man in the world 2 u!! And that's when your ;D Just thought it was funny :P

I thank God for Dr. Perez and his wonderful staff.

Lengths: 6cm both sides




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