Vernice Hernandez

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Surgery Date 1/22/09
Tube lengths L R
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Feb 2009

My name is Vernice Hernandez. I had my surgery done on jan.22 2009. i just wanted to write and let everyone know that my experience was great. the doctors are so cool. They made me feel so comfortable. I also used the shuttle service and it was an awesome experience, I forgot the drivers name cuz I'm a nerd like that but he was sooo cool, he made me feel comfortable as well. I do speak a little Spanish so i was able to understand and speak to the nurses.

the hospital was clean and like I said before the doctors are sooo cool. I have to wait 2 months before I can try so I will keep everyone posted! thanks to all the staff out there even the pat u guys are great thanks again!!

Vern luvs ya!


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