Julie Hunt

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State Arizona
Surgery Date 11-27-09
Tube lengths L 7 R 5
Pregnancy 1 It's a Girl! 09/08/10
Pregnancy 2  
Pregnancy 3  



Welcome Zayanna Itzel

I had my baby girl on Sept. 8th 2010. She is most perfect and wonderful. Thank you again Dr. Perez and staff for the chance to have another blessing in my life.

Mar 2010

My tubal reversal was on 11-27-09. I am now pregnant and my due date is 09/22/10. Baby is perfect and right where it needs to be. Tests have all come back normal and ultrasound was perfect. Thank you again for everything.

Julie Hunt

Dec 2009

My name is Julie Hunt, I'm from Phoenix, AZ. I was married for 9 years to a person that didn't want to change. I finally figured that out and divorced him. We have 4 wonderful, smart children together. After my fourth child, I was talked into tying my tubes, I didn't want it but I signed the paper anyway. After my divorce, I met my fiancÚ Miguel Hernandez, and fell in love with the most amazing man in the world. He asked if I would have at least one child with him. I laughed and said yes but I didn't know when. We talked about it off and on. Finally, we saved up the money and set the date.

I did a lot of research on Dr.'s here in the United States and Dr. Perez, in Mexico. I knew from reading the testimonials that he must have been good. I decided to drive to Mexico instead of flying. I thought I was saving money, but I was wrong. Just fly. I had fun and it was interesting but very very long. When we entered Mexico I have to admit, I was very nervous. But for WHAT!! It was nothing. Finding the Hospital was super easy and if you follow the directions to the T, you'll find it.

I arrived early and checked in and everything went smooth. They prepped me right away and got to the surgery early. I was very impressed. I felt very comfortable and everyone I met and took care of me was incredible. I went into surgery, they did the epidural and I was out! I woke up to them cleaning me up and getting me ready to go back to my room. I went back to the room and slept. The drive killed me. I woke up, ate and felt much better. I've had 4 c-sections and this was nothing. There was a little swelling, but not much pain. Cramps were all that I felt. Not anything like what I feel once a month. For the next two weeks I was feeling wonderful.

I am so grateful for ALL of the people involved. Dr. Perez, Dr. Levi, were wonderful. I couldn't have asked for a better surgery. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will never forget you!





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