Ranzie and Kauan Johnson

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Surgery Date 3/27/09
Sterilized 8/2002
Tube lengths L 6 R 7
Pregnancy 1 3/16/09
Pregnancy 2

It's a Girl!

Pregnancy 3  



Welcome Jaydin Shantez

we delivered our baby girl on March 1, 2010 weighing 7 lbs even. She is a beautiful healthy bundle of joy…. Thanks again everyone there at Rio Bravo…….

Nov 2009

Hi, just wanted to let you all know we found out today that we are expecting a beautiful little girl, the end of February 2010. We are so excited……We've done all the necessary test and so forth because of my age and she appears to be a big (she measures larger than her calendar age) healthy baby getting ready to make her entrance. My husband thanks God for you all daily, due to this being his first, and we really couldn't have made a better choice. We have a friend coming to see you all in February, 2010 for a TR as well, and I've assured her she will not regret it. Once again, thanks for everything and we will send pictures once she gets here.

Aug 2009

We had our surgery March 27, 2009 with Dr. Perez. My husband and I just had our first OB appt. and wanted to update you all, that we are pregnant and due March 16, 2009. We wanted to thank you all so much for everything and we will be sending pictures as soon as we can. T hanks again for everything.

Apr 2009

Hello ladies, very much like yourselves my journey included me reading these stories daily and I couldn't hardly wait for the updates as they came. Anyhow, My name is Ranzie, I'm 34 years old and my husband is 26(God's choice for me) and I had my surgery with Dr. Perez on March 27th, I had my tubal ligation done in August of 2002.  I have a 16 year old son and an 8 year old daughter from a previous marriage that was of my choosing and not Gods, but my children were a wonderful expression of his mercy and goodness still even in the midst of all that went on.

I was originally scheduled to have my surgery on March 26th, however, the day of our flight the region as a whole was hit with some pretty bad storms and tornadoes which resulted in almost all of the flights being cancelled. We were originally scheduled to arrive in McAllen at 2:30 p.m. and because of all the delays and re-routing of flights we didn't get there until like 10:30 that night. I stayed in contact with the shuttle service and he was relaying messages to the hospital and Dr. Perez for me. I was a nervous wreck that day, I was so concerned about them canceling my surgery but my husband was really a trooper for me that day. He made all the calls and got it all worked out wonderfully, because we have been married 2 years and sometimes there are still new things to learn, and I was so impressed. Anyway, our driver Armin for the shuttle service was about 40 minutes late picking us up, but that was okay because we had altered our schedule so much through that day.  But he was really nice still, we went through the border without any incidents, he took us to the hospital we put down out things, and he assisted us with completing some paperwork which would have been impossible without his help. He then took us out to eat that night to some really good food and really nice people, to an outdoor restaurant it was such a nice experience. He brought us back to the hospital and we settle down for the night.

The nurses came in bright and early the next morning started the I.V., toke some blood for lab work, came back and did a check of heart and everything, they were so nice really, and I hate needles but it wasn't that bad at all. I did bring some flashcards of various terms and phrases, but we didn't need them, there were no language barriers or issues with the nurses for us. The brought the husband and made it clear in such a funny way that I was not to eat any, they also brought him lunch. Dr. Levi came in and talked to us several times throughout the day making sure we were okay. They came about 4:00 to get me for surgery, we left the husband in the room and they said they were coming back to get him. The young Dr. Levi met me in the hallway stated he would go back to get him for me, and right around the corner sat Dr. Perez. I kept looking for the cross over the door and didn't see it until I got into the operating room, it did bring me peace of mind. The had me to get on the table, get into the fetal position, and out I went with the sleepy juice. I do remember waking up about 3-4 time during the surgery, there was no pain and each time I was looking for the husband, but he was busy watching the surgery. And he usually can't handle the bloody surgical things, but he said it was really interesting and cool for him to watch. There was what they called a Chocolate cyst they had to remove from one of my ovaries, but other than that things went well.

I ended up with 6 cm on the left and 7 on the right, so things went well.  So of course there was a little bit of an extra fee because of how many times I woke up, but that was okay. They toke me back to my room and I slept for a while, but the catheter was causing me more pain than anything, so I had them to remove it. They were a little concerned about me having to get up and walk that soon after surgery, but it went well the husband was a big help with that. The next morning I had a wonderful breakfast, but one of the things I was most impressed about was the removal of the epidural. I have had two previous epidurals and it's always an issue the removal of them for me. I kept telling the nurse to wait, give me a minute to prepare she had me thinking she was just removing the tape, and when I told her I was ready, she was like all done. And showed me the tube in her hand, I was so amazed and thankful all at once. The shuttle driver was already there waiting for us, I took a shower and to the airport we headed. Dr. Levi came in said the good-byes we were given our surgical notes. I had wheel chair service, requested for the return trip, unfortunately the husband had to zoom me through the airport one time in order to keep up from missing one of our connecting flights but other than that things were great.

Like I'm sure you have heard and read, do not forget a pillow for the coughs, and sneezes and the laughs. We had a four hour drive home, but even that wasn't too bad, I just had the pain meds. I actually stopped and just bought some Advil, that worked out best for me. 9 days later my husband and little sister removed the stitches for me and that wasn't a big deal at all once they got the ends properly clipped it slipped right out. I'm so thankful to Dr. Perez for all his help, I believe that this will not only be a blessing for me as far as fertility but I also feel it will help with a lot of other female health issues that had been coming up bit by bit for me over the past couple of years.

If you are having any doubts or concerns about letting Dr. Perez assist you with your family, DON'T. It was a wonderful experience and my husband was so impressed and happy with them. Thank you to everyone there in Mexico that helped us through our journey. I'm looking forward to sending good news soon.

Blessing and baby dust to all you other ladies!!!

Ranzie and Kauan Johnson


Jaydin Shantez


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