Alma McMillan

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State Texas
Surgery Date 11/28/09
Tube lengths L 7 R 5
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Dec 2009

My first baby was stillborn 02/18/1992. I was 9 1/2 mths pregnant, I was 19 yrs old and had an emergency C-section. It was the most devastating thing that has ever happened to me. I married my first husband because I was young, thought I was in love and I thought it would keep the memory of my first baby alive. Three years later I had my daughter. Three years after that, I had my son. My doctor wanted to tie my tubes. He asked me the whole time I was pregnant with my son and even during the C-section. I refused. I wanted more children. I did not have my tubes tied. When my son was 1 1/2yrs old, I had a dr appt. The doctor said my uterus felt large. I did not have regular periods so he thought I was pregnant. He ordered a blood test and for 45 minutes I thought I was pregnant. It was a very scary moment for me. I thought of the fact that my husband had recently left me. I thought of the fact that I would have 3 kids in daycare. I wondered what I was going to do. I went back for the results. I was not pregnant. I scheduled my ligation. I did this because I was determined NOT to have another child with my husband. I convinced myself that if 1 day I met the RIGHT one and we could afford a reversal, I would have another baby.

I have been with my sweetheart for 7 yrs now. He had never been married and has no children. He has been with me because he loves ME. Not because I got pregnant, not because I could get pregnant, and not because I lied and said I was pregnant. FOR ME

We discovered this website 3 years ago. He and I read every testimony. We were always drawn back to the RIO BRAVO PLAN.

I was a little nervous but decided I would not think too much and just go with the flow. On Nov 28, 2009 we flew to Harlingen. Armin was there to pick us up. He is the sweetest man. I did not eat or drink just in case I could have it early. We arrived at noon and 2 hrs later I was in surgery. I was treated with tender care. I remember the trip to operating room. I remember the epidural not feeling so bad. I remember talking talking talking during my surgery. Just don't ask me what I was talking about but I do remember 7 & 5. I completely trusted everybody there.   We were out of there in 24 hrs and I felt wonderful. I haven't stopped smiling. I have 7 beautiful cm's on my left side and 5 pretty ones on my right. This feels so right. I know this doesn't work for some but I cant help but feel hopeful.

I thank GOD everyday. I am sooo thankful to Rio Bravo. I am hoping and praying for a baby and thanks to Dr Perez its soooo possible.  If you are reading this and need some advice, JUST DO IT! I waited and now I'm almost 37. I should have done this a long time ago.

Alma McMillan


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