Maritza Ramirez

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Surgery Date 7/22/09
Tube lengths L 6 R 6
Pregnancy 1

It's a Boy!

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Welcome Javier Alejandro

Born June 19, 2010

Oct 2009

My name is Maritza Ramirez.  I do recommend Dr Perez and Dr Levi.  they are so nice, the nurses are very friendly, the hospital is small but very warm and clean.  I did feel like I was at home.  My husband and decide to have a baby after 8 years of having my tubes ties.  after 1 1/2years looking for a doctor near by Houston I found Dr Perez and Dr Levi on the web.  so I had my reversal surgery back on July 22,2009 , my tube lengths ware 6" on each side r and l.  and after all everything when smooth.

now 3 moths after my surgery I did get a positive test, yes I'm pregnant.

now I'm just praying for everything to go well......
thank you so much DR Perez and Dr Levi , for everything.

God Bless
best wishes and good look to all of those who decide to go to Rio bravo from .

Marcos and Maritza Ramirez




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