Dawn & Nathan Ratley

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State Wyoming
Surgery Date 5/18/09
Tube lengths L 4 R 4
Preg 1

It's a Girl!

Preg 2

mc 2011

Preg 3 It's a boy


Welcome Jackson

Born April 2013


Jul 2012

We have yet another beautiful bean on the way due 4-2013 thanks to the great doctors there.  Thank you so so so much!

Welcome Delia Marie

Nathan and I were blessed with miss Delia Marie on July 1st she is absolutely perfect thanks to the Rio Bravo staff.

Nov 2009

I just had my first ultra sound at 5 weeks and baby is right where it should be. thank you to the dr.'s and nurses again !

Oct 2009

today i got up and tested and found out i got a BFP thanks to all of the people at Rio bravo. I love you guys thanks so much!!

May 2009

Nathan and I got there early and they immediately hooked me up to an IV. Everyone was very nice. It was very hard to understand the nurses because they don't speak English but they were sweet. I don't even hardly know what to tell cause it all happened so quick. A couple of Dr.'s came to talk to me before the surgery.

Once it hit 7 pm the nurse came with a wheel chair and took me back to have the surgery. One of the Dr.'s put a sedative in my iv before they gave me the epidural and it knocked me out. The next thing I remember is feeling a little tugging on my tummy from them doing the stitches.  My sweet husband ran his hands through my hair when I stirred from it so that I knew it was him.  I asked the Dr. how it went and he said good and that I had 4 cm on each side.  They wheeled me back to my room and I was out cold.

The next morning as soon as they removed the epidural I was up and moving around. the shuttle came to get us at 2 pm and we were on our way home. To others I do not recommend driving unless you live really close. Nathan and I came from Casper, WY and it was a really rough ride back. I was out of the hospital on the 19th and back home at 3 am on the 22nd.

Good luck to everyone. I can't wait to start trying to conceive. It was a very good experience and the Dr.'s are great. Thank you.

Dawn and Nathan



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