Nickole Reinhardt

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Reversal Oct 3, 2009
Ligation 2001
Lengths  L 6? R 6
Preg  1 It's a Boy!
Preg  2 edd Dec 2013

Feb 2010
both tubes open




April 2013

I am getting over the shock and staring to happily announce that I will give birth again on Dec. 24th. 2013

Welcome Jordin

born Nov. 17th. 2010 a very healthy happy boy :)  7lbs.9oz. 20"long  Thank you Dr. Levi and Dr. Perez, I can not wait for baby number two!

Love, Nikki and her gang

Aug 2013

On April 21 we got another positive home pregnancy test.

On August 2nd. we found out its a girl <3  I'll never be able to express my love for the RioBravo staff in a way they deserve!

Aug 2010

In Feb. 2010 I had an HSG done showing both tubes wide open the doctors are better than they even know :)    Expecting a baby boy Nov. 14th 2010

Oct 2009

I ended up with my left side 6cm, but of no use. The doctor who did my ligation cut it at the base. the doctors repaired it, and attached it to my uterus none the less. The right side was also 6cm and looks great. Was told if I was not pregnant soon it was the hubby's fault! lol. I am okay with this though because more children was never my main reason for the surgery. I am really okay if I never have one, and in my mind I will not be trying so if it never happens my hopes will not be crushed my trip was an experience for sure! I feel so great right now minus the pain. I feel like a woman who has just had her first menstrual cycle it is a very weird feeling being fertile again. I want a sticker or something so everyone knows. LOL

We arrived Friday night around 10pm thanks to NWA we were supposed to arrived around 3:45ish, but that airline is so unprofessional. I have used them for years and have no idea why I keep going back. This will be my last time using them though. No one spoke English when we got there even our shuttle driver had issues with it thank gosh we studied Spanish before leaving or we would have been lost and clueless the first day. The room was good the staff was nice, the doctors were above great! The food was a little lacking, but that turned into a good. My best friend was with me and she made trips to 7-11 that opened up opportunities for her to make friends. The people in that city are so nice - FYI the 7-11 around the corner takes American dollars.  I had my blood drawn and IV inserted around 5AM and by 7:30 I was meeting the medicine man the anesthesiologist was great I still have no memory of the epidural or catheter! AND NO SPINAL HEADACHE YAYYYYY I was so worried about that after my last epidural experience. He said it was because of his muscle lol I just thank him for taking his time, and making sure I was taken care of.

They do not see you as a dollar sign there they see a person with a mission. They treat you like you are family they really do their best for you. I woke up to the most relaxed surgical room ever laughing and smiles on every face. I was being closed back up by that point. The pain was not so bad until I was home the next day. I have slept more than I ever have. I am hoping tomorrow will be better, but I also need to remember I am only 3 days out. Would I do it over again I don't know, am I glad I did it YES!



in front of the hospital