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Surgery Date 11/24/09
Sterilized 02/2002
Tube lengths L 6 R 6
Preg  1

It's a Girl!

Preg  2 mc 2011
Preg  3  EDD 08/2012 twins!
HSG 2/08/10 Both sides open



Jan 2012

I would drop in and give a quick update - I went in to get my 1st ultrasound and low and behold its twins, 2 separate eggs and sacs in the uterus. Wish everyone else luck in their journey!

Welcome Reina

I just wanted to update and announce the arrival of our first tubal reversal baby. Its a beautiful baby girl named Reina! She is 8lbs 8oz. 20 3/4 inches long and very healthy! She was born 11/30/2010. One year and 6 days after my tubal reversal we have our 1st miracle and its all thanks to Dr. Perez and his amazing team of Doctors that have done an excellent job allowing me to be able to share this miracle with everyone. We are so very happy! Wishing everyone a wonderful and miraculous Christmas and New years. I can say we have truly been blessed this year! Thanks again! Rachel & Hugo Rivera-Medina

Sept 2010

I wanted to update everyone. On April 4, 2010 it was Easter Sunday I went home after going to our county fair and I decided to take my last pregnancy test before I went out and bought some more and you will find out that you will be doing this often and it does get costly, LOL! But test came out positive, so Monday morning I called and made appointment with my ob/gyn to make sure our lil baby was in the uterus, and it was. I am currently 27 weeks pregnant with a very healthy baby girl. Our due date is December 9, 2010.

Feb 2010

I just wanted to give an update on me, I had a HSG done on 02/08/10. Both tubes are wide open and there is no scar tissue whatsoever. I am so very happy with the tubal reversal that Dr. Perez and his team performed on me and I am so glad that I made the decision to go to Rio Bravo, Mexico. Now Me and my husband are trying to conceive a baby. Soon as we get a positive test we will give you another update!

Nov 2009

Here Is my story, It starts out much like most of the others. I got married young, had four Beautiful kids, 2 girls (Linh 16)& (Brionna 12)and 2 boys (Damien 10) & (Tristan 8). To make a long story short relationship didn't work out. In 2005 I moved to Florida after I lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. 8 Months later I met a great guy, who had no kids, never been married and was willing to put up with someone like me and my kids. We married shortly after we met. Which was a shocker to my family since no one thought I would ever get married again, neither did I, but I knew he was the one when I officially met him face to face and Now have been married for over 3 years and our marriage and relationship gets stronger each day.

I finally decided to get my tubal reversal after sitting and reading Dr. Perez's website for the last 2 1/2 years. Yeah long time, to make a decision, but I wanted to make sure it was the right one for me, plus fear of having more kids and relationship not working out scared to mess out of me. But on November 14, 2009 my husband asked me If I made a decision if I wanted to get a tubal reversal, he handed me the money for it and said well, its your decision do what you want. I then called and made an appointment for my surgery, because I really want to extend our family and he has been so great as a step parent so, I know that it would make him even happier to have a baby with me. I made my appt for November 24, 2009.

Me and my sister drove from Milton, Florida to Houston, Texas, on Sunday Nov. 22nd at 3 am which is a 9 hour drive, so we got to Houston, TX around Noon. My sister's husband lives in Houston so we stopped there for a few hours and went to the flea market. We left there and I started driving down to McAllen, TX, which is another 6 hour drive from Houston. I stopped at a hotel, America's value Inn and suites in Raymondville, TX. The hotel was nice. We got some sleep so we could be in Mexico, Monday morning, so we could walk around and buy some souvenirs for our family members. We got to Mexico, of course if you drive you have no problem going into Mexico and you do not need a car permit or permission to go to Rio bravo. So we drove down to La Mansion Hotel, It was nice inside. The rooms are just like here in the states. We walked the streets changed our money to pesos bought souvenirs and grabbed a bite to eat at a local taco place. Food was great and the people are nice. Traffic is crazy over there, If you decide to venture out please be careful they drive fast and do not really watch for pedestrians like they do here. Rio Bravo is a dusty town, but it is also very busy. We walked down to where the hospital is, of course its a blue color now, not pink like in the picture, but me and my sister found it. We speak Spanish, so we didn't really have to much of a difficulty finding things.

The afternoon we went back to the hotel and ordered dinner around 630pm because I knew I couldn't eat anything before surgery. Boy was I starving around 2pm when I went to the hospital. The nurse came in and asked me to change and a few of the nurses speak a little English, but I speak Spanish, so no problem. The hospital was quiet and clean. The people were nice, finally Dr. Levi came in cracked some jokes with me and my sister asked the usual questions and let me know surgery would be at 7pm. At 7pm nurse came in and got me and took me to the operating room. From there they put in my epidural which I didn't feel go in at all. Surgery lasted about an hour or a little longer, I hated not being able to move my legs, but surgery went well I have 6cm on both sides, I found out that fallopian rings on my tubes so the doctor brought them to me and let me keep them.

The Doctor's and Nurses were great and I am glad that I went to Rio Bravo to get my reversal, plus I saved a lot of money doing it there instead of here in the United States, plus I got the same care as I would have here. We left the hospital around 10:30am. I was ready to go home. I wasn't in any pain just felt like I did to many sit ups. Crossing back into the united states was the worst part of my trip. Even though I had my hospital paper work they made us take everything out of the car, put the drug dog in the car, didn't smell anything, so then they wanted to take my car through the x-ray machine. I guess because we are from Florida and they have had a lot of people take drug from there to here. We had to wait over an hour. So I really advise you to be careful especially if you are from Florida, The border patrol don't care if you just had surgery they will try and give you a hard time. The drive back home was not that bad even though it was long. But we made it safely and the whole experience was well worth it. I am 2 days post-op and I feel pretty good, but I am still taking it easy until everything is healed, plus I can whine to my husband and get away with it!! LOL!

To all that have future appointments or plan to, it is well worth the trip! Good luck and I will keep everyone updated!

Rachel Rivera-Medina




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