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Surgery Date 4/05/09
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Aug 2009

Hello my name is Yvonne and I am 35 yrs old, My present husband and I have been wanting to have children of our own, although I already have 7 from a previous marriage, age's 21,20,18,16,14,13, and 12 , so the beginning of this year I started looking into tubal reversal and found Dr. Perez website.  I pretty much went with Dr. Perez because of price and reading the testimonies, so I called and set my appointment up for April the 4Th.  Unfortunately Jesus couldn't go with me because of his legal status, so I drove 6 hrs to my mothers, picked her up and we drove another 3hrs to our destination. Once we arrived to Rio Bravo and located the hospital I meet with Dr. Levi who then asked me if I had ate or drank anything...of course I had some water so it wasn't possible for me to have surgery that day so I had to wait until the next morning.

I do want to say that the hospital was nothing that I expected since I had heard so many negative things about Mexico hospital, but to my surprise this was a super clean and nice hospital, and the Dr's and staff were just so nice! Well since I had to wait until the morning my mother and I went shopping, then once done went back to the hospital where we stayed. The next morning I was nervous and the wait seems like for ever, but the nurse finally came in and took me to the operating room. I believe the surgery took about two hours once I came back to my room I was wide awake but couldn't feel my legs, my pain wasn't too bad and by the next morning I was eating and bathing getting ready to go home.

Overall the experience was awesome and there wasn't much pain, and the incision was not bad at all plus hardly no scarring!

So now it's August and I took two pregnancy tests and they both came back positive, so I made a Dr. appointment and he has confirmed the pregnancy. Dr says I am about three weeks pregnant so I have a appointment in two weeks to confirm that the baby has made it to the womb....so wish me luck!!!!

I want to also take some time to THANK the DR"S at RIO BRAVO for making this dream come true and for all their hard work and efforts!!!!


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