Shanon Ross

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Surgery Date 2/27/09
Tube lengths L 6 R 6
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Mar 2009

We had a nice flight to McAllen, and were picked up shortly after arriving. We had a very nice ride to the hospital. The hospital was small, clean, and comfortable. I cannot say enough about how wonderful the hospital staff was. I have very tiny veins, and have NEVER been to a hospital or doctor that didn't leave me very bruised from being stuck multiple times. The wonderful nurses only had to stick me ONCE!!! They didn't bruise me either. You couldn't even tell where the IV was! They were very kind.

I went into surgery around 5pm. I am unable to have an epidural, so I had to be put under, but my husband Shane filmed the entire operation. I remember looking up at the cross and saying a prayer before I went to sleep. The doctors were very thorough in explaining everything before and after the surgery. They have a way of putting you at ease. After the surgery, the nurses were great. When they gave me some medicine in my IV, it burned, and the nurse rubbed my arm, and let me know it was okay. They are very caring. We were very excited to hear that there was still 6 cm of tube left on each side!!

There has been very little pain or soreness. It was very hard for me not to get up & do stuff, but the doctor said take it easy for two weeks. This about drove me crazy!! After two or three days I felt completely normal. This was a huge surprise, because when my tubes were tied it was through a 1 inch incision, yet I couldn't hardly move the first week, and it took about three weeks after that before I even started feeling better. It has been two weeks today since the reversal and the only evidence that I had surgery is one tiny pink spot at the end of the incision! The incision itself can't be seen!!

Everything was wonderful and we will be eternally grateful to the entire staff for giving us the opportunity to try and add to our family! THANK YOU:) I have had three people ask me since I returned about how it went, as they would like to have a reversal also. I told them how well we were treated and how nice everyone was. I told them Rio Bravo is the place to go!! I can't stop bragging on you!! Thanks again! We will let you know as soon as we are pregnant:) God Bless.


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