Anitra Smith

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Ligation Date 11/20/00
Surgery Date 2/27/09
Tube lengths L 6 R 5
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Jun 2009

On Saturday, May the 9th I got a positive pregnancy test. I will go to the doctor on Thursday May 21st to confirm that I am in deed pregnant. Thank YOU Dr. Perez!!!

---I went to the Dr. and he confirmed I am pregnant baby is in the uterus and EDD is January 16, 2010. Thank you RIO BRAVO!!!

Mar 2009

Hello, My name is Anitra Smith. I would like to share our reversal story with everyone! I had my TR on February 21, 2009 at 7:30am. I had my tubes tied on November 20, 1999 after I had my second daughter. My husband and I decided we wanted more children so anyway we flew down to McAllen and when we arrived at the airport the driver was there waiting for us already. He picked us up and another young lady who was having the procedure done. We drove to Mexico no problems going there. He brought us to the hospital it was small but it was clean and the food was good. He then took us to get something to eat and a little sight seeing. After we got back to the Hospital my surgery was not scheduled until the next morning so my husband and I took off walking and more sight seeing and shopping.

The next morning around 6 am the nurse came in (she did not speak English) started my IV (she got it on the first try!!). She came back around 7:15am and took me back for surgery. My husband video taped the entire procedure the doctors were very nice OH I forgot to mention when we first got there Dr. Levi introduced himself he is very nice looking and very nice too!!  Anyway, they gave me a shot first then they put the epidural in and I was out!! I woke up when they were almost through and I could not feel my feet. So, I kept trying to move my toes and then finally I said oh I can feel my feet and Dr. Levi said that is a good thing and laughed. I asked him how was everything looking and he said it looked good. When they were done he told me that I had 5cm on the right side and 6cm on the left and that I should have no problems getting pregnant.

I went back to the room and slept half of the day then around 2pm I was getting uncomfortable I am not use to laying down all day long. I had to lay down all day and I could not go back to sleep. Well, when they came in a gave me more medicine cause I was in pain I went back to sleep. But then I woke up again about 2 hrs. later and still could not sleep. I stayed up from 6pm until 1am in the morning just laying there watching TV ! They finally came in and took out the epidural around 2am and I was able to lay on my side and get some rest. It felt just like when I got my tubes tied it was exactly the same pain. But I actually have recuperated faster from this than when I got my tubes tied. 

About 8am they told us that the driver would be coming to get us so my husband helped me up out the bed and I took a shower and got cleaned up and good thing I did cause the driver came at 9am to get us and 2 other couples. He drove us back across the border we had a little wait but it wasn’t bad. And then he dropped us off at our hotel which was exactly across the street from the airport. I wanted to rest before we got back home so we stayed a extra night in a hotel. My husband and I went to Luby’s at the mall got something to eat and went back to the hotel and I slept like a baby!!! We flew out the next morning and got home around 4pm.

We had a good trip to Rio Bravo everyone was friendly, and they treated us very well I would recommend that any woman who is seeking to get a tubal reversal visit Dr. Perez.

Anitra Smith


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