Daphin Smith

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Surgery Date 3/19/09
Tube lengths L 4 R 4
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Nov 2009

On March 19,2009, we left for Texas at 9:00 am arriving in Dallas where we had a 2 hour lay over. I was starving and starting to get a headache and had to eat, my surgery wasn't until 7pm so I should be fine I thought.... I ate a little bit of orange chicken and rice yummmy! We boarded our flight and off to McAllen we flew! we arrived about 2:30 and Marco called just as we landed, he said the driver was outside waiting! There was another couple on the plan with us that was having surgery the same day, so I met Charity and Yaqui. We got to the boarder and a few questions and we was across!!! We pulled up to the hospital which I think they are doing construction on cause the outside sign wasn't up. We walked in to room #2 and the shuttle driver collected the payment and said the Dr. would be there in 45 mins., I thought he was just coming to tell me about the surgery and how it would go.

The nurses came in and started my IV and drew my blood and next thing I know they was handing Sean scrubs and wheeling me down to surgery!!!! Wow it happened so fast! I never felt the epidural or the cath. I was in and out during surgery and Sean filmed everything!!!!!   I remember him trying to let me look at the camera, and next thing I know I was back in my room. Dinner came and it was jello, tea and juice for me!! The next morning the driver stop by to let me know he was bringing in some more patients around 2pm if I would be ready to go around then, I said yes! Dr. Levi came in and told me he removed a cyst off my right overy  and I had 4 inches on both sides!!!! yea!!! .

The nurse came in and removed my epidural and cath. I took a shower and was up and ready to go! The nurses came in to check on me and asked me about the band around my belly and I said yes I put it back on! They laughed cause I HAD IT WRAPPED ALL KINDS OF WAYS AND FIXED IT FOR ME!!! The driver arrived and I got to meet Alicia and her DH Sean (sweet couple) and we boarded back into the shuttle along with Charity and Yaqui. We reached the border and a check of our ID's and we was back in Texas. We stayed at the La Copa hotel which was right in front of the mall and around the corner from the airport. After getting settled at the hotel we joined Charity and Yaqui for dinner at the buffet across the street yummy! Sean warns all hubbys to bring extra snacks as he was starving !!lol After we ate we walked the mall looking for Texas shirts, no such luck! We walked until it closed! The next morning we got up and had breakfast at the hotel before our flight left at 11:30, that's when my epidural headache hit me! I did get a wheelchair due to that and it was nice getting on the plane before everyone!! I finally got over my headache about 3 days later by drinking lots of coffee.

On August 4, 2009 I got a positive pregnancy test and it was confirmed by my dr's office. Here I am 16 weeks pregnant writing this all thanks to Dr. P and Dr. Levi and their crew! I am due April 15, 2010.


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