Jennifer & Matt Stoughton

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State Missouri
Surgery Date 1/9/09
Sterilized 8 yrs
Tube lengths L 6 R 6
Pregnancy 1 It's a Girl!
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Welcome Emmaly Sue

Just want to update my story with a photo of our baby girl! Emmaly Sue Stoughton born 12/31/09

Just wanted to up date my story I am 19 weeks pregnant due January 8, 2010 almost exactly one year to the day of my reversal!   Thank you so much for making this surgery affordable so my husband and I could have a child together!

Jan 2009

I had my tubes tied when I was 22 years old after two kids and two really bad relationships. I never thought I would meet anyone that I would want to have more children with two weeks after I made this bad choice I meet my now husband of almost 6 years. He had no children of his own but soon after we married he adopted my daughter. Not having his own didn't bother him until these past few years since his little brother had children and now his little sister is expecting. He kept bring it up here and there that hopefully we would get pregnant with my tubes tied so I decided to Google tubal reversals one day and the first thing that came up was Dr Perez. I checked it out for a few weeks then printed everything I found on the web site and showed it to my husband. I work in nursing so I showed the info I had printed off to all the nurses I work with and they all felt that it was safe to go to Dr Perez and that he was very educated. So to those of you who are considering going to Dr. Perez for your tubal reversal let me tell you I have never had better care! The Doctors in Mexico were fabulous they really care and take pride in what they do Dr Levi sat down with my husband and I and talked to us like he had known us for years. I was very nervous but I felt very safe after talking with Dr Levi.

We arrived on Friday and was scheduled for surgery on Saturday I had read so many of the testimonies so I knew it was possible that I could have it the night I arrived so I didn't eat or drink anything just in case. We got to the hospital at 2pm and had surgery at 7pm after surgery Dr Levi and Dr Jose checked in on me to see how I was before they went home! The night nurse was great to she came in and checked on me at least three times during the night. The next morning both Dr Levi and Dr Jose checked on me asking how I was feeling and if I had any questions probably four or five times throughout the day and evening you're lucky to see the Doctor once during the day in the US.
I am so glad I went to Mexico for my reversal I never would have been able to afford it here in the US it's about $12,000 in St Louis MO. The success rate is also much higher with Dr Perez I had fallopian rings and the Doctors in the US only gave me 76% chance the Doctors in Mexico gave me 90% or higher as long as the rest of my health is good which it is! It has only been a week to the day since the surgery and I feel great!! Just a little sore! I would recommend flying VS driving though and I also took benefiber packets with me to help with bowels itʼs hard to us your tummy muscles to go after surgery.

Thank you Dr Perez, Dr Levi, Dr Jose and all the other staff for the great care you gave and for making it affordable for us to add to our family!


Emmaly Sue


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