Lisa & Mike Tucker

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State Missouri
Surgery Date 3/13/09
Ligation 12/10/01
Tube lengths L6-7 R6-7
Pregnancy 1 It's a Girl!
Pregnancy 2 edd 2012
Pregnancy 3  
HSG 8/11/09 both wide open
Age 30


July 2011

Pregnant again! Baby number 2 we are so excited! I stopped breast feeding in December and started trying again. We just found out that we are gonna have another baby!

Welcome Jada Lin

born on June 18 2010. She was born at 9:59pm 7lb 0oz and 21in long.

Nov 2009

We have a baby due July 10th!

Aug 2009

I went to the Doctor and had my HSG done on August 11, 2009. Wow, was my doctor very shocked. After they finished the test he told me he had a very hard time seeing any scar tissue where the tubes were repaired. He has never seen such a nice reversal before. He said both tubes are wide OPEN!

He also said as soon as I have a baby he will be recommending to his patients that are thinking of having a reversal to go to Dr Perez. I think that was the best news I have had in a few months. I am so excited at the work that Dr. Perez did! Now we can keep trying for our baby, and know that there is a great chance for us to get pregnant.

Mar 2009

My name is Lisa Tucker and I have been blessed with the opportunity to tell you my story. I had my surgery on March 13th 2009. My husband, Mike and I have been married a little over two years. I have three beautiful children of my own and Mike does not have any so that is were my search to find a doctor to do my Tubal Reversal began. I live in Missouri and had tried to find a doctor here that could help us. They were way out of our price range or did not seem to have a high success rate. So I stopped my search for a while. Then I joined a Tubal Reversal Forum and began finding information out on other doctors. Someone on there had mentioned Dr. Perez in Mexico and I did some research on the good old World Wide Web. I read his site and other peoples stories and they made me feel like I had found just what I was looking for. So I scheduled my surgery and off we went.

First off I had never flown so boy was I scared and nervous. When we landed we made a quick call to Marcos from our cell which did still work. He informed us that our driver was there and to wait out front. Boy we did have a moment were we thought we did the wrong thing when my husband spotted a van that he thought was our ride, god was I glad when we realized it was not. The mini van that picked us up was very clean, the driver really did not talk much but then again we did not really try to talk to him. We almost missed even crossing the border into Mexico the only thing that made us realize it was when we saw the Mexican Border Patrols. When we arrived at the hospital, I knew we were there from the pictures I had seen. When we arrived the driver took us strait to our room and came back with some papers for us to fill out. Then asked for payment and left us. The nurse came in and gave me a gown. Then Dr Diaz came in and asked me my health history. He told us that I would have surgery anytime between 3pm and 7pm. Then because of my health history in came a cardiologist to run some test to make sure I would be ok.  Everything went ok with that test. So we waited and waited then they were so mean to me (LOL) they brought in lunch to Mike and made it a point to tell me "not for you". It looked so good and from what Mike said and how fast he ate it, it was good.

So then they came in with no warning and took me away with Mike in tow. He did not even have a chance to put on his scrubs. But just like some of the other ladies said when I rounded the corner who did I see Dr. Perez. They then had me get up on the table and I had my Epidural put in. It was the best one I had ever had and I had four previous ones. After that things went kinda fast and I do not remember everything so I have to go off of what Mike told me. I do remember saying I need to throw up and I did then the knocked me out. Bye Bye extra $200 (LOL). I know that Mike watched most of the surgery. And he did not get grossed out at all. I remember waking up and talking to them at the end of the surgery. Dr. Levi came over and told Mike here and put the clips that were used on my tubes in my Tubal Ligation in his hand. Then they finished closing me up. I do remember asking about how much of my tubes that they were able to save. They told me 6-7cm on each side since they were just clamped.

I was wheeled back to the room. Not long after I had gotten got back they were bringing in more awesome looking food, boy was I excited, till once again I was told "not for you". Mike loved it and I was so mad and hungry I had not eaten since I was at the airport getting ready to leave. I was in a little pain but they were very nice and gave me medicine through my epidural.  As most of the girls have said bring flash cards I did not remember this and boy did I need them. The Doctors spoke English very well, but the nurse spoke very little. The next day I was so excited to get breakfast which I was hoping would be as authentic Mexican as all the other meals but all I got was scrambled eggs and toast I was so sad, But it was still very good. I took a shower and did some walking. I got to meet another girl that I had been talking to. Then Dr Levi came in to check on me. I asked when we would be able to leave and he said as soon as I felt like it. We said when ever the shuttle could be here to get us. As it turned out it was on its way to drop off another couple and pick up one so we left with them.  Coming back across the border was a little harder then it was going but very quick. We used La Quinta Inn in McAllen and I made reservations before hand to have a Handicap room which was great to have. We stayed there for one night and then they shuttled us to the airport. I arrived home and have been resting as much as possible for 2 weeks now and can not wait to start trying to conceive, and hopefully I will be posting a Big Fat Positive very soon.

Lisa & Mike Tucker


Jada Lin


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