Salena Wilson

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Surgery Date 11/08/09
Sterilized 09/11/97
Tube lengths L 6 R 6
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Nov 2009

Our Journey started on 11/07/09 Leaving O'Hare in Chicago @ 11:00 a.m. We arrived in Memphis for about a 45 minute layover and then arrived in McAllen at about 4:00 p.m. We picked up the rental car and everything seemed to be going a little to well lol. DH forgot the CD for the car and we wound up in the mall across the street to get one, but of course they didn't have music CD's. So we gave up and were on our way to the border. There was a festival going on for Veterans day and the border was closed for a while so we ate chicken and waited and waited lol. After finally getting through, DH not wanting to follow my directions went the wrong way so now we are lost lol. We go in a store to ask for directions and of course they speak NO English, and our cell phones don't work. I tell him lets go back turn around and try this again and to make a long story short, we found the hospital and went in it was about 7:00 p.m. They nurses couldn't understand us, and we waited for Dr. Diaz, the short one with the braces. He did my paperwork and they got us into room # 5 for the time being. They bought food, we set up the DVD player (A MUST ONLY THREE ENGLISH CHANNELS). I met Lisa in room 1 and she eased a lot of my fears by talking to her, she was very nice. There was another couple in room # 2 but the lights were out so I didn't go in thinking they may be asleep. I went back to the room, where they fed us really GOOD food, and me and DH watched a movie that eventually started watching us lol.

About 7:00 a.m the nurse came in to take my blood and get the IV started. She poked me in the left arm and it hurt like HELL, then after taking the blood, she couldn't get the IV to flow, so she then went to my right arm, and we got it right!!!! About 8:30 a.m Dr Levi showed up and talked with me, hubby got on his scrubs and off we went to OR. I got a little nervous, after getting on the table, and I started to cry, yes the Big Bad Salena started to cry!!!! lol Dr. Diaz assured me that I was in good hands and in went the happy drug, and I don't remember too much after that. DH said I kept moving and talking and asking questions, so they gave the the extra dose of knock out juice *darn $200.00 lol* I woke up when they were stitching me up and it didn't feel as bad as I thought it was going to feel. The moved me into room 1 after the surgery and it was all over. I still was going in and out in my room, but after a little sleep, some juice tea water and Jell-O, I felt a little better.

The Dr. told me I had no complications and have 6 inches on the left and the right sides. The next day I felt so good that me and DH went for a short walk around the hospital so I could get some air. We talked with Dr. Diaz, took some pictures and then it was time to go. The whole experience was great and now I am whole again.

I would do the experience all over again if I had to and recommend anyone who is considering getting a TR to go to Rio Bravo reversals to get the procedure done. I'm so happy and now the waiting game for my TTC.  Thanks to all the ladies who assured me that all would be ok because it was the hospital was nice and clean, and the staff was wonderful.

I thank God for sending me to Rio Bravo Reversals.

Me 34 DH 31
DD 09/10/95
DS 09/11/97


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