Jacqueline Wyatt-Mitchell

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State Missouri
Surgery 12-14-09
Lengths L 4 R 4
Preg 1 m/c
Preg 2 edd
Preg 3  
HSG 4/2010  open



Feb 2012

We found out January 7th we were pregnant. Of course I panicked since I already had a tubal pregnancy in 2010. I had a ultrasound done January 13th and the baby is in the uterus…I am currently 8 weeks and looking forward to having a healthy baby around September 10, 1012.

Jun 2010

Hello, I am updating everybody.....I had my hsg done in April and my tubes were open so we started trying in may by using the ovulation predictor kit and got a positive test Monday June 14th and I knew something wasn't right. I had be having horrible left sided pain followed by nausea and vomiting. I went to er where I was transferred to another hospital where we were told Wednesday that it implanted on my ovary and the hcg was dropping. Thank god I didn't have to have surgery but we are saddened by the ectopic pregnancy but will continue to try. good luck to all who are trying.

Dec 2009

My story starts a lot like everyone else's. My name is Jacqueline Wyatt. I live in Missouri. I have 4 children (2 girls 9 and 14 and 2 boys 12 and 14). I have spent much of my children's lives either single or in abusive relationships. After 11 years of knowing my current fiancé we have decided to get married and have another child. He is the biological father to my 9 yr old. I had my tubes tied after my nine yr old was born. He was unable to go with me for surgery so I took the next best thing my sister. Swearing I never wanted another child, I found myself wanting another one for us to raise together from pregnancy to growing into an adult.

I had my surgery Dec 14, 2009. I was nervous about going out of country but after seeing the cost differences and checking the backgrounds of Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi I knew this was a safe choice. My flight to McAllen was a very stressful thing. My connecting flight left us in Houston because it was foggy ad my flight from KCI was late by 5 min. Flying continental was my biggest mistake in this whole process. We waited 6 hours on standby, mind you I could not eat. I was not happy. I called Marcos upset and he was great at reassuring me this happens and it won't keep me from my surgery. He was right, I arrived at McAllen TX at 420pm and he had a driver Amir there at 430pm. Going across the border was quick and easy. We arrived at the hospital about 530pm. Amir helped me do the paperwork and left. The nurses on day shift did not speak any English which was frustrating for me since I am a nurse and believe it is important know how to communicate with your patients. The nurse come in dropped off 2 towels and a gown and said something and left. I took it as I was suppose to put on the gown. Then Dr. Perez came into to do my EKG. That was an experience I'll never forget. During the EKG Dr. Levi and another Dr. came in and introduced themselves. It was a little uncomfortable to have 3 Dr.'s in your room with your breast exposed, talking in Spanish around you. It wasn't but about 30 min. later that a nurse came to do my IV. She also didn't speak any English. She used a lot of pointing and I used a lot of guessing. The IV did hurt and it was weird to see how different our medical techniques are in the US. Dr. Perez was a little hard to understand as well. Dr. Levi speaks English very well and helped me a lot to understand everything being done and what I could expect. I was starving at this time and wanted to get my surgery done asap but I ended up not going in til about 9 pm.

The surgery took about 2 hours. I was very cold and shaking bad before surgery so they had to sedate me quite a bit so they could do the epidural. I didn't feel the epidural at all. I remember waking up and hearing the doctors laughing and talking several times. They were great at making sure I was comfortable throughout surgery. When I returned to my room they moved me onto my bed very carefully. I didn't feel much pain til the morning. It was not the most painful thing I had felt but it was painful. Dr. Levi brought in my sister breakfast and me just nasty Jell-O and tea. Needless to say I didn't eat it. He would not let me eat anything but that so I kept on starving. Dr. Levi came in to check on me a lot and explained I had 4cm on both sides. I was disappointed with this news seeing how I know there is 10 inches of fallopian tube on each side. I was assured women can get pregnant with 4 cm. I had the nurse take the catheter out before Dr. Levi came in cause it was causing bladder spasms. Lunch was bought in about 1230pm it was small portions but wasn't bad, I begged Dr. Levi to release me so that I could get American food and a dr. pepper. And of course he lectured on the need for me not to drink pop. He finally decided I could go and called Marcos and we were picked up by Amir and taken across border. It was a little bit of a wait to cross the boarder. The roads were bumpy and made the car ride painful. We crossed the boarder after about a 30 min wait in traffic.

We ended up staying at the Wingate hotel, it was very expensive but worth it. I immediately got a pop and ordered pizza and slept like a baby. I took Tylenol for pain and it helped. The bed was soooo comfortable compared to the hospital bed, I slept like a baby and it was easier to get out of than the hospital bed. We flew back home on that Wednesday on delta and had no problems. Today I'm doing good still a little soreness at the incision site. It burned above and to the side of the incision up until 2 days ago. I took my stitch out on day 9 without any problems. It was just one long one. I must admit I didn't think the incision was going to be as big as it was. It is 2 inches in length. The edges are healing very well and the incision will probably not even be noticeable after a month or two. If I can give any advice it would be to make sure whoever goes with you brings snacks for themselves seeing how my sister was not offered any dinner when we arrived. Also do not fly continental...I am very happy that I chose this place to hopefully be able to conceive again. I will keep everyone posted.


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