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Reversal 5-29-10
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May 2010

My husband and I flew down to McAllen from Missouri the day of surgery. We had rented a car so we drove down to Mexico on our own. I would recommend taking the shuttle as we followed it back to the states after surgery. So once we got to the hospital we were shown to our room. We were there for a little while the nurse came in gave me my gown, drew labs, and started my IV. Now I am a nurse who works in the ICU in MO I know what a hard stick is. I have always had to get stuck repeatedly for IV placement. This great nurse got my IV in with one stick. This has never happened before.

So anyway, after awhile they came back and got us. My husband was already in his scrubs as we had to bring his, his a very tall thick man. Dr. Diaz took us to the OR room Dr. Perez was sitting outside the room waving. They got me in there and got started. Once the funny juice was in I was loopy. I remember telling them a joke. What does a Ninja drink ...... wata. I don't remember much after that for a while. My husband said I was cussing about my ex husband and talking non-stop. So they juiced me. I woke up still in the OR I heard the drs talking to my husband about some problems. I overheard, I got hysterical started crying and asking to be put back to sleep. So what they found was that the dr who did the ligation took the fymbrial end of the right tube, I had 2 ovarian cysts on the right ovarian, an old ruptured cyst on what was left of the right tube, and 2 small fibriods on the back of my uterus. I was able to get 4 cm on the left tube. So needless to say they would not put me back out I cried hysterically for about 2 hours. I do think that some of it was related to the meds that they had given me but yes I was very upset. I was depressed, praying, and crying for quite sometime. My husband kept saying that it is all up to God and with him anything is possible. I know this but forgot, I guess. My sister reminded by asking me where my faith had gone.

SO the trip home was uneventful. It has been a little over 3 weeks. My emotions are all over the place. I still hurt some when I move wrong but only at the incision and only on the right side of it. So please pray for me and send me lots of baby dust. I even took my husband's baby pillow on our trip to use for my tummy pillow. thought it might bring us luck. I will try to keep you updated.


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