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Surgery Date 3/06/2010
Tube length  L 5 R 5
Pregnancy 1  
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We arrived at Harlingen Airport around 5pm on Friday 3/5/10. Once I stepped outside I realized I had no way of knowing what the person looked like that was picking us up and vice versa...LOL So I called Marcos and he let me know that Armin was running a bit behind at the border and not to worry he would know who we were. Huh kinda funny. Sure enough about 10 min. later Armin showed up and waved us over. We got in the van and we were off! Once we crossed the border it was a little scary to see all of the MX Army but we were through that part of town in 5 min. or so. **

We arrived at the hospital around 7pm. We were put in a tiny room and a nurse came in to take my blood and insisted for me to wash and get a gown even though my surgery was not until morning. I finally got through to her that my surgery was maņana (next day). I have to say my hubby was a little upset cause he was starving and just wanted directions to somewhere to eat. He gets cranky when he doesn't eat. We sat in that room for nearly 4 hours before we saw the doctor. They were in the middle of two surgeries during this time. The nurses moved us to a bigger room and Dr. Levi came in and introduced himself. He asked all the pre-op questions and was cracking me up with some of them. We cut up and joked around for quite sometime. Dr. Diaz stopped in and asked if we wanted him to pick up the tacos for us, but we said Nah we wanted to walk. So my dh and I along with Christy F.'s dh walked to get tacos at midnight! There were yum. When we returned to the hospital Dr. Levi was still there and we chatted some more. I told him take his booty home since he was gonna be there early to do my surgery. I didn't want no sleepy doctor. He laughed. I was able to meet two other TR sisters that night. It was great and reassuring to see them doing so well post-op.

Around 6:30am Sat. morning the light to our room flipped on and the nurse said "Buenos Dias" She started my IV and took some blood. The next nurse came in a wheeled me away. I was greeted in the surgery room by Dr. Levi, Dr. Perez, Dr. Diaz and Dr. Moreno. Dr. Moreno started numbed me up for the epidural and the only thing I felt was the cold antiseptic poured on my back. The epidural was in and I was out. I woke up half way through the surgery being able to move my legs and feeling a lot of pressure. So more meds went in me cause they said I wouldn't be still and I kept asking to be done LOL. Dr. Levi let me know that I had 5cm on each side as they wheeled me back to my room. I was in quite a bit of pain being wheeled to the room but they came in and shot my booty up with some drugs and some in my IV and I went to sleep. I woke up a couple of hours later and felt fantastic. I even snuck and ate one of dh's tacos (shhh don't tell anyone). Later on that evening I was able to have dinner on my own. Around midnight they unhooked all my tubes and I was FREE. I got up and moved around for about 1/2 hour then went back to bed. I was able to get out of my bed without help twice that night to use the restroom.

I woke up around 7am on Sunday and was still feeling great. I took a shower and got dressed. I walked over to meet another TR sister that had surgery the night before. I also walked around the hospital and took some pics of the inside and out of the place. DH did not take pics of my surgery cause he said it was gross!!! Oh well.

It is now Sunday night and I am at home feeling wonderul. I am bloated and swollen. Full of gas and dh is not happy about that lol but we are laughing it.

It truely was not only a dream come true to an adventure all in one. TR's are not common let alone TR's in Mexico. We are like a secret society joined by the unusal and the dream. I love it!

Now gotta wait again to TTC...wait wait and more wait but man is it beautiful!!!

**(office note:  unlike the US, having the military presence in the city is a sign of a peaceful controlled area.  That is why Rio Bravo has no problems.  It's the equivalent of seeing /having police presence in an American city.) **


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