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Reversal Feb 24, 2010
Ligation Jun 2000
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Preg  1 mc
Preg  2 It's a Girl!
Preg  3 edd
Nov 2014





Welcome Araceli

After 9 long months... On September 16, 2011 we finally had our baby .... We had a little girl we named Araceli .... We are so thankful for the team who helped us reach our goal... We are so excited to have the baby we wanted so bad ... She is so loved by everyone and she is truly our little princess ... I have recommend anyone who ask to dr Perez and his team ... They are truly wonderful .... We have decided to wait a few years to have anymore ... We still can't believe we have our little reversal baby

Aug 2013

In Feb 2013 I found out I was pregnant and my numbers weren't doubling so my doc told me I would miscarry.. So we waited and waited and I continued to have morning sickness baby continued to grow.. We found another doc at 14 weeks and she had complete faith in my baby as did I - so around 24 weeks we went to our ultrasound and found out our baby was growing perfectly .. Everything looked perfect from spine to the heart.. And we also found out our baby had "extra anatomy" and that we were having a boy! We were thrilled and beyond excited.. After 5 girls were are being blessed with a baby boy! Everyone even people we didn't know were congratulating us :)

I am currently 28 weeks and besides having gestational diabetes everything is going great.. EDD 11/4 I will update after baby comes .. I am still grateful for the wonderful doc for giving me my 2 little miracles my princess and now my little prince!

Mar 2011

I had my tubes tied in 2000 just after I had my 3rd daughter. Years later I meet a man who I fell in love with the sweetest man. Soon after we met we got married had a small beach wedding and was living our life. we felt that something was missing. We decided that we wanted a baby. he had a daughter but we wanted one of our own. So we research and looked and read anything and everything about reversal. we finally chose dr Perez for several reasons.

So on Feb 24 I has my surgery done. I was nervous and excited but I didn't really get my hopes up because I know that statistic for getting pregnant after a reversal are not that great anyways.. so I looked at it like a nice little vacation and I loved Mexico so I was all for going to Mexico. I knew how much my husband wanted a baby too so I figured I would go through it. We drove from Indiana to Mexico and it was a nice time. We finally arrived stayed at he hotel La Mansion it was a nice hotel. the next day we went shopping and around 3 checked in at the hospital. It looks exactly like the pictures. It was a nice a cozy place and Dr. levy is the greatest he was nice and very smart. I think he likes to talk he will answer questions about anything and everything. The nurses were nice and didn't know English but they got the gestures down pretty good. They finally took me back and the next day our new friend Dr Levi came and talked some more..  He said my tubes were beautiful and the doctor that tied them did a beautiful job. He said they were wide open and I shouldn't have a problem getting pregnant. He left I ate and we got to leave more shopping and off to home we go.  It was a long drive I was sore and very uncomfortable, little did I know it would all be worth it. At this time even after the talk with dr Levi I didn't think it would work, I guess I didn't think I would get what I wanted...

In June they did my HSG and they said my tubes were narrow but opened and I shouldn't have a problem getting pregnant I still wasn't convinced.   In September 13 I had a positive test. I was shocked and still not convinced. I went to the doc my hcg level was 53 and 4 days later was 86 they were low.. sadly I miscarried at 5 1/2 weeks. it was hard but my husband being very supportive said we know you can get pregnant now we can start actually and so we did..

On Jan 16 I got a positive pregnancy test. after the last time I was very hesitant to go to the doctors, but my mom and my best friend convinced me so I went. I was very scared and afraid of having another MC.. so I waited for 5 days to call and get my results.. My HCG levels were 386 I cried I was so happy but still had to wait a few more days to my US. The day came and I was 5 and a half weeks only they did the ultra sound I was so scared. The tech checked my tubes and there was nothing that was a relief and so then she checked my uterus and seen the sac, the tech was shocked she didn't think she would even see the sac let alone the heart beat.. I was crying happy tears... the heart rate was 122 and in the was in the right spot and I was so excited and now convinced.. I was still scared for another MC... today is march 20 and I am 13 weeks and very excited and hopeful..

I am grateful for Dr. Perez and dr levy who let us complete our family... I will stay updated...P.S. I'm hoping for a boy we have 4 girls its time for a boy...

thanks you all very much...