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Surgery Date 05/16/10
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May 2010

First I would like to thank everyone here for all the support before the surgery and now as well. I was very frightened before I left. My husband was nervous from reading about the drug wars going on at the border, plus carrying that much money and just having surgery in Mexico as well. He kept saying he felt bad and cheap. I told him in no uncertain terms that I had picked Rio Bravo, based on research, stories from ladies on this board as well as stories from other boards. I had researched so much and only found a couple of weird reviews which did not make sense really! LOL!! Nothing in comparison to all the great reviews and pregnancies that have come from Rio Bravo.

We decided to take a road trip so we left Friday and drove to San Antonio. Had dinner at the River Walk, got up the next day and visited the Alamo then drove to McAllen. We stayed at the Best Western Suites on 10th by a convention center. Really nice place. New and the prices were about 60 a night! Great pool, awesome rooms and amenities, free wi-fi and it is about 5 minutes from the border.

Got up and took the shuttle to Rio Bravo without any trouble. Conshious (I am sure I am spelling her name wrong) did not speak much English but enough that we could understand what was going on. There are really some lovely homes surround the hospital. I was reassured when reaching the hospital that the sign there had numerous doctors in various areas of medicine there. It was much larger than I thought and much nicer than the pictures let you believe.

We were taken to the room (no1), filled out paper work and met Dr. Levi. He was, as everyone has said, amazing! Such a great bed side personality and so comforting. I did meet Dr. Perez but he was indeed very busy that day. I changed to my gown and had the EKG done (I think by Dr. Moreno but I could be mistaken on the name) He had a great sense of humor. I asked him if it would hurt (the EKG) and he said wide eyed Yes Very Much! I just looked at him- he started to laugh! Whew!! The test went fine. Dr. Levi came in and was notified of the results.

Next the nurse came in for the IV. That (at least to me) was the worst of the ordeal (which is not that bad). It did hurt, but she did it on first try and it went fairly quickly. After that they had my husband change to scrubs and he was lead to the OR. I was taken via wheel chair and on the way I did start to cry a bit, nothing loud and it was just nerves. I tell you everyone was so nice and like "oh please don't' cry". The place is so comforting. The anesthesiologist explained they were going to give me something in my IV to help me relax and then they would do the epidural. I was still worried about the epidural but once the med went in the IV I was nothing but relaxed and happy. I do not recall feeling anything after that. I floated in and out and talked a bit and laughed some. At one point I was telling them I wished I could get up and dance because I felt so good. My husband was in there and poor thing was so nervous. He did take video and pictures. Not sure if this is a good or bad idea. LOL

One thing we did determine was why they do not let men in the OR here in the US. I had explained to my husband in detail every step of the procedure so he felt he knew what was going on. He watched them prep me with iodine, drape me with cloth and moved in close to see the procedure. When they got ready to cut me he said "WAIT".. they all stopped and asked what was wrong. He told them I had told him the cut was lower down (Like that matters- lol)- when he proceeded to tell them that the cut was supposed to be lower down he ran his finger across the area he thought the incision should be.. he said the entire room drew a breath, eyes grew wide and they all just looked at him in horror. It took a moment for it to register what he had done .. they asked did you just touch her??? He said he started backing up, shaking his head new and saying yes (finally realizing that he had contaminated the surgery site by touching me) LOL!!! They redid the prep and surgery went on as planned. We have laughed so much over that (as did Dr. Levi - he told me in recovery if I am infected it is my DH fault) LOL. Leave it to a guy to tell a doctor how to do a surgery that they have been doing!

Anyway I recovered well. The nurses were prompt in delivering medication (via the epidural and IV) at the right level to regain the feeling in your legs but have little pain at the incision site. I do recall right after surgery I was in bed and still goofy and numb and I remember I kept hearing a sound and could not figure out what it was! It sounded like it was coming from the bed. I finally asked my DH what the noise was- he laughed and said " It is you passing gas"! I was so numb and goofy I did not realize it! LOL!!

Dr. Levi came and checked on my recovery numerous times. I had my surgery around 9 am- it lasted about an hour and a half, I recovered in my room and about 2 a.m they came and removed all the tubes from me (after giving me the last dose of medicine). That morning I got up and showered and had some breakfast. We checked out around 10 a.m. and took the shuttle back. Conshious was very careful to not hit bumps and make sure I was comfortable with the temperature in the van. She was great. We made it back to the hotel with no problem at all.

We drove to Waco that day (we did stop at a road side stand and bought some fruit and honey). The ride wasn't bad. We did take lots of stops to stretch, use the bathroom and snack.

It is now 4 days since the surgery. I am sore but doing well.

I would encourage anyone wanting a reversal to go to Rio Bravo. Everything was wonderful, professional, caring- just awesome!!! I feel so fortunate to have found out about the doctor's and to have been able to have the procedure there. It seemed like all the right door's opened up at the right time to have this procedure at Rio Bravo.

I will keep everyone posted on any new updates.

Thank you again Rio Bravo Doctor's- God bless you all!


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