Andrea Dewberry

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Surgery Date 2/15/10
Tube length  L 6 R  6
Pregnancy 1  
Pregnancy 2  





Mar 2010

I am 35. I have three wonderful kids two boys and one girl. I had my tubal ligation done in 1998. I was married at the time. Things donít work out after 7 years we get a divorce. I find a wonderful man in 2004. He has two girls. We get married in 2007. We find out that he had Multiple Sclerosis in 2008. So we decided that we would like to have a child together. But the cost in the USA was to high. His cousin said that she went to Mexico to have her tubal ligation reversal and it was a good price. She had paper work with Dr. Perez on it. That was back in 2004 and she has a 2 year old son. I was so glad that the price was not to high. I went to the website and read testimonies.  So I call and talk to Dr. Levi on the phone and ask him did he have Feb 13, 2010 open he said yes.  I told him that me and my sister would like to have the surgery the some day he said it would be ok for the both of us to come the some day. We planed to leave on Feb 12, 2010 but the weather was bad in Atlanta, Ga on that day. I called Dr. Levi to tell him that we were  snowed in Atlanta.  So we moved the surgery to Monday Feb 15. We left Atlanta on Valentines Day Feb 14. and got to McAllen TX at 11:45 pm that night. The blue dodge van was out side waiting at the airport. It take about 2 mins to cross the border . We were at the hospital in 30mins. That was about 12:15 am I talked to Dr. Levi at 12:25 I was in my room at the time. He said that he will see me at 7:00 am and the nurse will be in at 6:00 to started a IV . 

About 6:00 am the nurse came and started the IV and Dr. Levi came in about 2mins after the nurse . He ask me some health questions. Around 7:00 am the nurse came back with the wheelchair to take me to the operating room. I got on the table and turned on my left side. He put something in my IV I donít remember the epidural at all. I woke up half way in the surgery and said are the surgery over he said no. I went back to sleep. I woke up again. We started to talk about David and his cousins surgery in 2004. She called on his cell phone when we was at the end of my surgery.  Dr. Levi talk to her and let me talked to her I tell her that I was going back to my room and Dr. Levi gave her my room phone number. I went back to my room with my husband. They took a picture. 

Dr. Levi came to my room about 1hour later and talked to me and said the surgery went well. I had 6 cm on the right and 6cm on the left that was good news to hear. We paid him then. About 12:00 noon I was eating jello and drinking juice. 3hours later the nurse was putting antibiotics in my IV and something for pain. At 6:00 pm I was eating dinner with my husband. The food was good. At 11:00 pm Dr. Levi came back. I had gas they give me something for it. The next morning the nurse came in so I can shower . She took the catheter and epidural out and I took a shower . The doctor came and give me some antibiotic and pain medicine to take home with me.

The hospital was every clean and the nurse was nice. The food was good . I will keep you all up date. Thank you all very much.


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