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Reversal Mar 15, 2010
Ligation 10/19/2001
Lengths  L 5 R 5
Preg 1 mc 2011
Preg 2  

 08/16/2010  both tubes wide open



2011 UPDATE:

After 9 mths of trying we are excited to announce that we got our First BFP on February 9,2011!! Unfortunately, we miscarried our lil miracle 2 weeks later.  It was nothing that the doctors was due to my body not producing enough progesterone to sustain the pregnancy. As a matter of U.S. doctor was amazed with the work done and said it was an awesome job! And my HSG done on August 19, 2010 six months after surgery confirmed wide open flowing tubes on both sides.

Many many thanks to Dr. Perez for his marvelous work and job well done and his awesome staff at Rio Bravo! As of today.....we are trying again....because now WE CAN! :o)

Don't be afraid to go to Mexico!)  When we went it was during the swine flu breakout and they said people were getting killed, and the Mafia...and all kinds of crazy stuff! Had we listened...we would have missed out on our blessing! I thank God every day for giving us strength to go forth - because it was the smoothest ride...the place and environment were so peaceful and the staff and doctors are on a whole other level when it comes to taking care of you! The US has nothing on Rio Bravo! They even let my DH pray before they got started on me and right before they started it was the sweet sounds of everyone saying AMEN! Don't let anyone or anything scare you! It is truly a wonderful repair resort!  lol...small, comfy, loving, and awesome at what they do!

Aug 2010

Hello everyone....I know it took a while before, I actually sat down to give my testimony, not because it was a bad experience, but after being out for 2 weeks from work I had a lot of catching up to do!  My husband and I got married last year and we united both of our families into one. I had a 13 yr old boy and a 10 yr old daughter of my own and he had a 12 yr old boy and a 11 yr old girl as well! Yes, we just about made the Brady Bunch. We love that we have been blessed with our 4 children and I often thought of what it would be like if we had a child together. I had a tubal ligation done after my daughter was born and never regretted it until one day I must have been stressed and missed my period and didn't get it till 2 weeks later. This is when we realized that just the thought of me being pregnant excited us both. I immediately started doing my research and found that reversals cost were a whole lot of money that we did not have and would have a hard time coming up with. By the time we would come up with that kind of money, I would probably no longer be fertile due to menopause. **Laughs** Any ways...I brought all my research on Dr. Perez to my wonderful husband and he said well when are we doing this. I immediately seeked out the calendar and well March 15th, 2010 was the day to be exact!

We left the day before and stayed at the hotel directly across the street from the airport. Joel ate and snacked all night while I fasted after a certain hour and wished I could take a bite of his wonderful donuts! lol. I slept horrible and listened to my wonderful husband snore all night long. He was resting very well. I think I was excited and nervous all at the same time. The next morning, I received a call from the shuttle telling us he was crossing the border and he met us promptly in front of our hotel. We left our car at this hotel and just had to sign a waiver. Our car was fine and we avoided airport parking fees! We arrived at the hospital about 30 min. later and it was very small, very very clean, and everyone was very attentive. It wasn't long and they ran the pre-op test...everything was great and Dr. Levi came in explained the surgery, asked if I had questions and told me jump on the wheelchair because it was surgery time. We went in and they did my epidural and I asked my husband to pray before we got started. They got started and I didn't feel a thing and my husband asked "You don't feel that?" I told him no, why? and he said they are cutting on your tummy already. I laughed and he just continued to watch and take pictures. I could hear him and the Dr.'s talking. Before I knew it was all over and they were sewing me up. I heard my husband say eeww and I asked what was happening. He said, " I didn't know fat looked like that!" I said what does it look like? Dr. Levi showed me a little fat crumble that had separated due to the cutting and I told him it looked like fatty bacon bits. lol.

The surgery was I think about 2 hrs and we took one last picture of me and the doctor leaving surgery on our way back to the room. They set me up in the bed and gave me more pain meds and Dr. Diaz came in and told me all went well and I had 5 cm. on each side and we paid him then. We took a short nap and they brought my husband a plate of food. Joel was very grateful that he packed the donuts and cheetos from the night before, because he didn't get full off of the meal they gave him. All I had was fluids...wasn't able to eat until the next day. I was starving by this point. It was probably about 7 or so when Dr. Levi and his wife came in to see how I was feeling. It was a nice experience. It was time to go to bed and I was laughing with my husband because they had cable but everything was in Spanish. He finally got tired of reading the tv and went to bed. During the night they came in and mopped the floors 3 times and we laughed because neither of us had even stepped on the floor since the last 2 moppings. They were very tidy! The next morning, I ate and immediately after I ate, I had to go to the bathroom. So, They took the catheter off and cleaned me up so that I could take a shower as well. While I was lying down I had no pain. When I got up it was a little uncomfortable but no real pain. After going to the bathroom, I realized that I couldn't clean myself and asked my husband to help. We laughed so hard that I immediately started feeling pain from the muscles tightening from laughing so hard. It wasn't long til my laughter turned to tears. I decided I was going to take a shower and well that didn't work because for some reason there was only cold water. So, I just cleaned up with the wash cloth until I got home that night. Dr. Levi came in and spoke to us and I was given pain pills and antibiotics and we were released from the hospital at 3pm and we were driven across the border. We found our car in perfect condition and in one piece and we started on our way home. It really felt great to be on our way home. Not a whole lot of pain. Half way home I spotted a Burger King and wow it was just tasty! We missed American fast food!

My husband went back to work and I was on my own.  No real pain...I would just get sore if I over did it one day. I felt great after 2 weeks. I felt like I hadn't had surgery at all. I could even sleep on my tummy. Over all I had a wonderful experience and would do it again without any concerns or hesitations. Its coming up on our TTC. We pray for a God to bless us with healthy child to be conceived it doesn't matter boy or girl...two of each or one of both. lol. Twins run in my family. 2 of my sisters have twins and 1 of my brothers as well so far! We will let you know real soon what our outcome is, so please check back!

Pamela and Joel Gilmore