Heather Gusan

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Surgery Date 10/05/10
Ligation 1995
Tube length  L 8 R 8
Preg 1 It's a boy!
Preg 2  




Trenton DOB 12/14/11

Welcome Trenton

Born Dec 2011 - 6lbs 15 ozs 20 inches long, born 12/14/11

Jun 2011

 I had my tubal reversal on 10-5-10. I just wanted to inform you that I am now 11 weeks & 2days pregnant and due 12-25-11.   I just wanted to say thank you again for everything

Oct 2010

I flew into McAllen TX on October 5,2010 and took the shuttle over to Mexico, Armin was my driver. I arrived at the hospital and within 1/2 hour I had my blood drawn, and my IV in. Dr, Levi then came in and asked me if I was ready to go to surgery , I of course said YES if I can be released tomorrow Wednesday Oct 6th instead of October 7th, see I was originally scheduled for surgery on Oct 6th @ 1:00p, and to be released on Oct 7th . So I was totally shocked when I arrived and was in surgery within about 1 hour of my arrival.  I was by myself an all my emotions, and feelings were all over the place, unfamiliar people , place , so on and so forth, but I must say EVERYONE was very welcoming and kept reassuring me everything was going to be OK, to calm down. Off to surgery the anesthesiologist , Dr, Levi & Dr, Perez & Dr, Diaz were all in the room as well as a couple nurses, one of which took some really great pics for me. All I remember is waking up at the end of my surgery asking if I was ok and feeling a little pulling, and tugging they were finishing up. I was told it all went good and I have 8 cm on each side !! I was so relieved. I was then taken back to my room. I must mention I'm not a easy stick and my nurse Nora was great putting in my IV and drawing my blood. Way better then here in the states!!! I also had two private nurses not just one so that was kind of nice, I only remember one of there names, Diana, they both were great. I had made flash cards with English words translated to Spanish so communicating wasn't a problem at all. I think the worst for me was the catheter wow it was really uncomfortable. But I made it thru.

The next morning Oct 6th Dr Levi came in and went over everything and Armin came and picked me up took me to a very nice hotel across from the airport. I stayed the night and flew home on Oct 7th. I did take every ones advice on what to pack and the Tylenol pm really does help. I am very sore and will be taking it easy for a couple of weeks until I return to my normal routine.

I would go back in a New York minute the care I received , the people, the hospital ,my whole experience was great and I would recommend them to any one considering a TR.  Thank you to all who was involved with my care. Now I have to play the waiting game , healing and then the fun starts!!!  I forgot to mention Dr, Diaz came in a little after my surgery and gave me my fallopian rings wow I was totally shocked at how small they were !




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