Natasha Hackett

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Surgery Date 04/24/10
Tube length  L 3 R 5
Pregnancy 1  
Pregnancy 2  





Apr 2010

Well, like everyone else I searched and searched for a place that I would be comfortable enough to have this surgery. My husband and I traveled from Atlanta, GA to have this surgery done. I was originally planning to have it done in the states but the prices were too high for us until I found Rio Bravo. I was originally scheduled to have the surgery performed on April 23rd at 7pm but our flight was delayed from Atlanta to Memphis and then to Memphis to McAllen, TX. We were originally scheduled to arrive McAllen at 3:45 but instead did not arrive until 11:00pm that night. Even though we were very late the shuttle service waited for our arrival (PAY FOR THE SHUTTLE SERVICE!). This was truly a God sent. We crossed the border with no problem and arrived at the hospital with no problem.

The hospital was very clean and it had a homey feeling to it that allowed me to be comfortable. Since we were late Dr. Levi scheduled the surgery for the next morning. The nurses and staff were all very nice and they were punctual about everything. After the surgery I was in a little pain but nothing like I expected. The nurses did everything to make sure I was comfortable. Most do not speak English but that didn't stop us from understanding one another.

Long story short, my experience was wonderful and I felt that I received better care, more personal attention here then I would if I had it done in the states. I would recommend this place to anyone. I will post another comment in about 3 months to explain my status.

By the way, I had 3cm on my left side and 5 on the right... we have a really good chance of getting pregnant!


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