Stephanie Huckaby

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Surgery Date 06/28/10
Ligation 3/1997
Tube length  L6.5 R6.5
Pregnancy 1  
Pregnancy 2  

1/5/11 Both sides open




Jun 2010

On June 28th God lead the hands of Dr. Perez, Dr. Levi, and Dr. Jose to make me whole! Thank you Jesus!

I had my TL March 1997 at the age of 21. I have regretted it from that day. The Lord led dh and myself to an understanding that He wanted me to be whole again. After a year of talking about it, I joined this forum and started becoming more active. God allowed us a safe travel and wonderful experience. We even had to be "fit in" a day earlier due to circumstances we could not control, and guess what? Rio bravo worked wonderful with us! Here's my story..

We arrived in McAllen at the Airport at 12:45, and called Marcos to let him know we had arrived. He told us to go to the arrivals and wait on the middle bench. We did and within minutes our driver arrived! She was great! I wish I knew how to spell her name (Conchas?) the ride to the clinic was uneventful, thank God. We arrived at the hospital at 1:30ish and I got checked in Rm 3. Doctor Levi and Dr. Jose both came in and visited. They said surgery would be at 7, then within minutes came back and asked when I had ate and I hadn't eaten since 7pm Sunday, so they fit me in for surgery at 3. So the nurses came in to take blood and get IV going.  Now this is important!! I have rolling veins and I was so scared of having my vein blown, or being poked many times, if you have this problem you completely understand. Well...I conveyed this to the nurse (Malda?) and she wasn't offended, she was so sweet and took extra time to make me comfortable. She got me on the first stick, and it was so easy!  I was wheeled into OR and hubby was taken to changing room. I met Dr. Moreno who was very nice. I was told to lay on my side and be in fetal position and this is all I remember, until I woke up during surgery.  DH says I was only out for like 5 minutes or so...They had already prepped me and cut me, and were working on me. I didn't see my dh and got a lil nervous, but he was there standing out of the way for a moment. They were very nice and made sure he had a step stool to stand on to get pics.

From surgery I was taken back to my room about 5:30pm. I wasn't in any pain. It took forever it seems like to feel my legs and couldn't move them til next morning at 7am. I was so excited I hardly slept I just kept thanking God for his Healing power. Dr. Jose came in to talk to us and told us that I had 6-7 cm on each side and everything was healthy. My right tube was inflamed and had fluid built up in it. This was caused from TL, but they took care of it and assured me this was common and it would be just fine. I felt very confident, and still do.  The worst part of surgery is laying there for so long after. I laid on my back all night, DH was having no problems sleeping until I would wake him up for a drink of water. The nurses were very kind all through the night, and very concerned with me not having any pain. The only pain I have experienced has been less than what I normally experience during AF.

I was starving when they brought in breakfast, and it was awesome! Blancios y frijoles! A Toaster sandwich with eggs and refried beans and fresh homemade potatoes on the side. I ate everything and drank all the sweet mango juice! I forgot they brought me jello and juice about 9 or 10 the night before. Dr. Levi came in about 9 and told me I should be able to go home midday. They ran more fluids checked my pain tolerance. Unhooked everything (which I was so shocked at the catheter! I have never had one and they are a lil more painful than I expected!) Then I laid flat for awhile, I slowly sat up. It took my breath away. It didn't hurt, just felt lots of pressure. I waited for it all to clear then stood up, same thing happened. Then I was able to walk. I took a shower, Malda came back in and dressed my incision, then it was time for lunch. 3 beef tacos and great soup with melon juice! Yummy. Each meal was served for me and Dh, and I forgot to mention that after surgery that night they fed my dh and dad (he came too!) We were discharged at 2pm. Shuttle was already called and I was back in McAllen without any problems. 

On the drive home, I found it better to stop every couple of hours before my bladder filled up. This helped with pain. I didn't need any extra meds. Also, my dad and dh walked around Rio bravo after my surgery. It was a very nice little town, and reminded us very much of TX. They have a lot of the same stores that we have in the US (Little Caesars, Dominoes, AutoZone, etc..)

My overall experience was wonderful! I cannot tell you about the level of care I received from Rio Bravo. It was first class and if I could go back to have all care done there, I would!  My phone worked there, we have sprint. I missed my children. I am home and recovering. My family is so happy with how the surgery went and that God was watching for all of us!


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