Betty & Daniel Martinez

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Surgery Date 3-21-10
Tube length  L 5 R 5
Preg 1 It's a girl!
Apr 2011
Preg 2 It's a boy!
Jul 2012






Isaac Benjamin

born July 2012


DaMaris Bella

born Apr 2011

I know it has been since Aug. 2010 that we had given the great news that we were expecting , so updating to today we have a beautiful daughter by the name of DaMaris that is 16 months and......... We now have a son by the name of Isaac that is 5 weeks ;-))) ... We are so blessed and we thank our lord every day for what he has allowed us to have ..... A Beautiful Family.

We also thank Dr. Perez and the whole staff at Las Americas Hospital . Thank you so much Daniel, Betty, DaMaris and Isaac Martinez

Aug 2010

I have GREAT NEWS ……… I took a pregnancy test the 29th of July and it was POSITIVE. I took three more up to today and they are still positive. I’m having blood work Monday morning we will find out how far along we are, to our calculations almost four weeks…. This is very exciting!!!!!!!!!! My Husband and I want to first thank our loving Lord and secondly the whole staff at Las Americas Hospital. Everyone there was wonderful.

I have recommended Dr. Perez to a few of our friends. And after they heard we are expecting now they are more convinced…Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU.. GOD BLESS EVERYONE ….

Mar 2010

Hello everyone, just want to say that we finally did it ….. WE got to Rio Bravo Saturday March 20, 2010 at 7:30pm we took my mother in-law and our children over to the hotel and then we got to the hospital. Dr Diaz was at the back desk and was very kind and told us that we could put our things down in our room already and to get comfortable. He told us we could go and get something to eat if we wanted to …. OF COURSE WE DID!!!!!!! Anyways we got back to our room; and may I say that our room was very nice and comfortable; Then Dr. Levi came in and he explained everything to me and Daniel asked if we had any questions, which we did and we got them answered so then Dr. Levi said he would see us at 9:00am and so we got ready for bed.

Then at 6:00am the nurse came in to do my IV , told me that breakfast for my husband would be in around 8:30am , I fell back to sleep and at8:30am breakfast came in for Daniel not me of course , he ate breakfast and we sat and waited , then the nurse, Rosario came in and got me ready and took me over to the operating room last thing I remember was the doctors telling me to get on my left side ….Then I was out…I woke up to Dr. Moreno asking me if I was ok I said yes.  Dr. Levi told me that they had done some work on a hernia that I had …WOW all I could think.. And he also said that everything else was perfect … I had 5cm on both R and L tubes I was very happy to hear that. They finished up and took me back to the room. I was very sleepy so I slept some more the next day Dr. Levi came in and checked up on me and explained everything about the outcome of the operation. Told me about the medication and what to expect and what to do and not do …. Then he released us.   From Rio Bravo we went to Matamoros where we have family we stayed till Thursday afternoon, we got home here at Texas at 2:30 am I love being with family but I love my home.

First and foremost I want to thank God for allowing us to have this operation and for guiding the hands of the Doctors to do the surgery. I want to thank all the nurses form the hospital Las Americas and of course Dr. Perez, Dr. Levi, Dr. Diaz, Dr. Moreno thank each and everyone of ya'll …. And if anyone would ask for recommendation of a tubal reversal hospital, of course I would say Hospital Las Americas in Rio Bravo….GRACIAS Y QUE DIOS LOS BENDIGA!!!!!!!!!

Betty Martinez




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