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Surgery Date 8/06/10
Tube length  L 6 R 6
Pregnancy 1 It's a boy!
Pregnancy 2  





Welcome Luke Haze

born at 8:22 P.M. on August17,2011.  He weighed 8 lbs and 14 oz.  He had some respiratory issues and a very high fever because of my water being broke for so long.   He is doing very good right now and he is just perfect.  Thank you so much for all the thoughts and prayers while we were trying to get our little devil here.

Jan 2011

We are expecting our baby on August 15, 2011. We are 15 weeks and 2 days pregnant now. Thank you RB!!!

Jan 2011

We left Arkansas @ about 8:30 AM on Thursday. We had an uneventful trip to Pharr, where we stayed the night. We got up early Friday morning and went to park at the airport. I called Marcos and he said Armin was our driver and he was already there. We had to be at the hospital by 10 but we made it a lot earlier. They put me and my husband in room #1 and told me to change into my gown.  I had a nice visit from AF Friday morning. So, after explaining this to the nurse, I got to keep my unmentionables on a little longer. The nurse and another young lady (maybe a nurse in training) got my IV started and took some blood. *On a side note, when you have blood drawn here in the states, they use vaccutainers, but there they just leave the end open and the blood drips into a vial and is then sealed. She said there would be a dr. in to see me soon. Dr. Levi's brother came in and asked me some questions about health history and such. I took a short nap and Dr. Levi came in and said we would do surgery at 1PM.

12:37 came and off we went. Keith was in his scrubs and had my camera. Dr. Moreno gave me a little dose and rolled me to my side for the epidural. I don't remember anything after that until I woke up while they were sewing me up. I asked how long the tubes were. 6 on each side!! Dr. Perez performed my surgery and Dr. Levi assisted and sewed my incision closed. He said there was very little scar tissue in there. They took me back to my room and helped me to bed. Then the pain started. I will be completely honest when I say it was bad. Not unbearable but definitely bad. I think it may have had something to do with AF. They left the epidural in but never put any meds in it after the surgery. Then, the catheter was in which left me with the problem of AF and no panties. They said they would take it all out at 6 AM. Finally at 4 AM, I suppose I had complained enough to get it all out. I hadn't slept at all and the pain meds they give you are like water. Sorry, maybe it was just me, but they didn't help at all. When everything was out and I got off my back and in the shower, I was a new woman. I felt a million times better and the pain was very tolerable without any meds at all. They let us go by 8AM and Armin was there already since he had brought Yolie and her husband in. We got to meet and talk a little before they had to go in.

When we got there on Friday, my husband was served lunch that he did not want to eat since I couldn't, but I told him I didn't mind. He said it was very good and enjoyed it a lot. When I go to eat that night, the dr. said it had to be very bland and so we got scrambled egg sandwiches. They were good but not what I wanted. We got to leave as breakfast was being served Saturday, and it was again the eggs. Armin took us to the Bip Bip Taco stand and those were the BEST tacos I have ever eaten. Fabulous. He also took us to the candy store and we got 3 whole bags for less that $15.

We had no problems crossing either border but we did see the military present going into Mexico. If I had to do it all over again, I would in a heart beat. I saw the cross before I was put under and that felt great. The doctors have wonderful bedside manners and were very comforting and Dr. Levi is hilarious!!!

We also had a sperm analysis done on my husband and Dr. Levi said it was perfect. When I got home, I got online and looked up all the normal parameters for the test and he is well above what we need. So, after these 2 months, let the baby-making begin!!!




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