Kimberly Moehle

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Surgery Date 3/20/10
Tube length  L 7 R 7
Pregnancy 1 It's a girl!
Feb 09 2011
Pregnancy 2  





Welcome Emma

I had my reversal in March 2010 and our angel baby was born Feb 9 2011. Emma was 8.4 pounds and 21 inches.  We were blessed to have gotten pregnant only 9 weeks after surgery!!! THANK YOU DR. PEREZ AND STAFF!!!!!!"

Jun 2010

I GOT MY Big Fat Positive!!!!!! 

My husband is on Cloud 9!!!!! I have had my first set of blood work and it came back 3-4 weeks pregnant. I go back to dr. on Monday for second set of blood work. Dr. said everything looks good. My kids are so excited, my husband is beside himself (as this will be his first and he is 48 yrs old).

We were not expecting to get prego the first time we tried. What a shocker it was!!! God works miracles and so does Dr. Perez!!!!!

I went there when the media told everyone to stay out of Mexico. I went during "Spring Break" March 2010. We took the shuttle and had NO PROBLEMS!!!! I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Perez and all of his staff. They are true miracle workers!!!!! People tried to talk us out of going but we went because we felt in our hearts that God lead us to them. We had no second thoughts or regrets. We would have loved to have our baby be born there too, but it is a LONG drive.

Mar 2010

We started our trip on Friday March 19th. I did not eat or drink just in case I would be able to go in for surgery that day. I did not really want to do it on Friday, as Sat the 20th was a special day for my DH and I. We left Marble Falls @ 8:45 and drove south to McAllen. We got to the airport @ 3:00 pm and meet with two other couples who were waiting for us. (HEY DEE!!!) The trip into Mexico was quick and easy. We got to the hospital and got into our room. My room was room # 2. They came in and did my lab work and another Dr came in to do my EKG. They said everything looked good and I would be the first one in the morning. They feed us a good dinner and we watched some TV until I fell asleep.

The next morning they brought my DH a breakfast and told me “not for you, for him”. He only had enough time to eat before I was wheeled to the operating room. The room was very small but cozy. I was very relaxed and more than ready to do it. I was awake for the whole thing (although my DH said I was in and out). My DH watched the Dr’s at work and said he was very impressed with the way they worked. My surgery took about 1 hour and 45 min. Dr said I have 7 on each side (YA!!!!) Once they were done with the surgery they brought me back to my room and got me back in my bed.

I loved all my nurses. I had Nora and Vicky. I LOVED THEM BOTH. Nora would talk to me like I could understand her, it was so funny. They knew a few English words but with my Spanish-English dictionary it was very easy to communicate. My last nurse I did not get her name but she looked very young and she seemed to know more English than Nora and Vicky. All of my nurses were WONDERFUL!!!! I wanted to take Vicky home with me.

On Sunday we both had breakfast. After breakfast I took my shower and got ready to go home. We had to wait for another couple as they were going to ride back to the States with us (HELLO MICAELA!!!). Our trip back over the boarder was short and quick. We had no problems. They took all of our passports and asked us what we did in Mexico and who the men were and we were on our way.

I loved every bit of my journey. I would recommend this hospital and both Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi to anyone!!! You will love Dr. Levi, he came into my room all the time to check on me and asked me several times if I had any questions. We even got to meet his cute little son (what a doll baby he is) who was 2 years old.  

Thanks Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi. Please tell Nora and Vicky that I miss them too!!