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Reversal 11/19/10
Ligation 9/13/2004
Lengths  L 5 R 5
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Nov 2010

My husband and I decided to have the reversal on November 19, 2010. We started our trip that Friday morning getting the other kids ready for school and out the door (and then grandma watched them for the weekend). Just as we were getting ready to leave out to Hobby Airport, the airlines called us to inform us that our flight was canceled! And, we would have to fly out 3 hours later, if that flight had room for us.......we did get on the later flight, and called Armin about the change of plans. It was no problem with them. When we got into Harlingen, we waited a few mins and were on way to Rio Bravo! The trip from Harlingen took about an hour, maybe just a little longer. Armin speaks limited English, but my husband and him managed to have some real funny conversations....thank God, I was so nervous, so the laughs were welcomed. In hindsight, I had nothing to be nervous about. When we showed up Armin helped us in and settled into our room (he is Dr. Levi‘s father in law--he is very helpful to the hospital in a lot of ways!)--I do have to say the hospital is small, it is not a huge modern looking hospital that we may all be use to. Its more the size of a large clinic but its not outdated or scary in any way at all! They even a have a small nursery, no babies were there when I was, matter of fact, I think there was 4 people checked into the hospital when I was there. We had room 9 for the weekend, which I think is the biggest patient room. There was a phone, TV, and the A/C worked very well-which we could control. We got a few English channels; ABC, CBS, WB, and a fourth one....but do not remember what it was! My husband and I brought our external hard drive and laptop that has a zillion movies on it and got caught up..since we did have a lot free time on our hands!

So after I was checked in everything started to happen fast.....they started my IV, and had us wait for just a little while probably to do the cbc and other test they do. They brought dinner in for my husband, which I do not remember what it was. But he loved it. We love Mexican food, so everything they fed us was great. I did bring extra snacks, but, really didn’t have to because the hospital would have accommodated us. (They also have vending machines in the lobby area). As my husband was finishing up dinner they took me into the surgery room. They had me lay on the surgery bed/table and put something into my IV that made me pass out--I was looking at the cross on the wall, thinking and praying to myself of all the other women to have passed through this room in hopes of another child--and praying for all those after me as well. I really was trying to stay awake, but, I think I lasted about 20 seconds. My eyes got so heavy, I closed them and then my last thought was how warm, relaxed and comfortable I felt. I woke up twice during the surgery but I fell back asleep almost instantly. The two times I woke up I was not in any pain, and I was completely aware that I was in surgery, so it wasn’t shocking or strange in any way (we‘ve all seen those movies!). The nurses took a lot of pictures, because my husband almost passed out while they were doing the epidural--but, he did watch right outside the doors through the window--otherwise we wouldn’t have any pictures of the surgery at all! He said the nursed were giggling about it. I ended up having 5 cm on both sides, and the doctors were really amazed about how little scar tissue I had from the TL.  So, I hope my body heals up nice and just as amazing after the TR so that we do not have any blocked tubes! My surgery was at 7, I know by 10 pm I was awake watching a movie with my husband, but I kept falling asleep--I was exhausted. The nurses came in twice that night to give me pain meds. I did not have to go to them at all, I mean my husband J. They were very attentive to me.

We spend Saturday watching movies and me finally getting to eat! But, I had to start off with soup……and honestly, I wasn’t all that hungry. It really took me a week (or longer) to get my appetite back after the surgery. Late Saturday afternoon they finally took out my catheter and IV. Which I was so happy about because I knew I could finally get out of bed! I took a shower which was really refreshing, and the water was nice and hot J. I totally suggest you bring your own soaps, lotions, washcloths, and slippers. And, I was in some pain. But, not intolerable pain. You just have to learn how to move without pulling that area….the most pain you’ll be in is the first few days, it only gets better from there! I didn’t think it was any worse than the pain from my TL. I do have to say, try your hardest to not laugh, cry, sneeze or cough for the first week! Which in itself can be a hard task to do……but you will oh so thank me for the heads up! We stayed Saturday night and on Sunday morning Dr. Levi discharged me. The drive to the airport wasn’t bad at all. The only setback was trying to pass the border~ took at least an hour. But, we knew to expect that. I did travel with a small pillow, which I did use. We did use a wheel chair at the airport~~at first I felt strange in it……but it was so worth it! Its been 3 weeks and a few days since the surgery, and I’m feeling great!

All in all it was a great experience, and I would refer anybody to Dr. Perez, and Dr. Levi.