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Surgery Date 3/7/10
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Apr 2010

Hi my name is Connie I had my surgery on March 17. My husband and I drove from Houston to Rio Bravo. It was a long drive down and even longer drive home. I don't recommend it!! OK so here is my story my husband and I have 5 kids all together. I have 3 -1 boy and 2 girls and he has 2 - a boy and a girl. we have been married for 3 yrs. and we have been talking about this surgery for 4 yrs.  We finally got the chance this year (Thank God for Income tax) anyway we put in for our passport card and that's when every thing went bonkers.  When we got married my husband took my name instead of me taking his. I guess the Passport people don't like that. well it took FOR EVER to get our passports I had to change my surgery date 3 times but the last time I did I talked to Marcos he said that we could pass the border with our receipt from where we paid for our passports.  That was the day that I was going to have the surgery in the first place on the 16Th. so I threw all the kids in the van and took them to my sitter and we were on our way.

We crossed the border on the 17Th at 8.45 and we finally found the hospital around 11:00 we got lost (P.S. US gps don't work in Mexico! LOL.) well when we got to the hospital they took us straight to my room. gave me my beautiful gown. and put my IV in. Doc. Levi came in he was cool very laid back made us feel at home. they took me in and started my surgery at 4:00 and they found out that I had NO tubes at all : ( so they did what they could and sewed me back up.

I went back to my room around 5:15. and slept tell I started hurting the nurse came at once and gave me some pain med. then they gave me my breakfast. and I got to get up and take a shower and put my clothes on. The Doc. came in and told me about my tubes I cried for a long time. I couldn't believe the doc. that was only supposed to tie my tubes really took them all out. I was devastated. Doc. Levi told me that I could still have a baby but my chance at conceiving naturally was low but I can have invitro . well after all that I got to leave. but before we left we got to meet a couple that was there for the same surgery that was nice. so now after a VERY LONG and PAINFUL trip home I am finally home and my life is back to normal sort of I'm still having trouble with the no tubes thing but I will get over it. I have already told some of my friends that wont to have another baby to go to Dr. Perez.   Just DON'T drive.

Well hopefully next time I post on here it will be with good news. Ooo and thank you Kathy for every thing you are the best. I would have went nuts with the passport thing with out you..
God bless Everyone and good luck.


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