Guadalupe Rios

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Surgery Date 11/18/10
Ligation 5/2001
Tube length  L 0 R 6.5
Pregnancy 1 It's a boy
Apr 2012
Pregnancy 2  

Tube Open






April 2012

Aug 2011


I am happy to announce that took a test and it was positive three time yea!!!! Me and My hubby are so overjoyed with happiness and thankful to Rio Bravo - for if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be typing this today. I was starting to get discouraged and depressed and almost lost hope. Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers.  I will be in touch Baby Dust to ALL!!!!

Nov 2010

I had my TL in May 2001 after my second daughter.  At the time I was 21 and had two babies back to back and was in nursing school. I had alot on my plate so I decided at the time that was the best option for me. I do not regret my decision cause I wouldn't be the woman I am today and life would have been a lot harder given I was such a fertile mertile lol.  I began researching about 3yrs ago and came across this website and every month or so I would log in and read the testimonies and would pray that one day I would be financially stable to have this operation and that God would bless me and my husband with another child. The fees were great nothing like here in the states and also saw that it was a American Red Cross Hospital and not to mention all the successful TR.  So finally me and my husband came to the decision that we were ready! After that everything moved really quickly lol I can be persistent when I want to be ;) I also had joined the Rio Bravo forum which was the best thing I ever did the ladies their are so very helpful and supportive and are so happy to answer any questions you may have.

I arrived in McAllen the day of my surgery and went to the Virgen de San Juan Church (if you haven't been go, it is such a beautiful church) and me and my husband said a prayer and lit our candles there and then we were off to the airport which was like 5 minutes away. Armin the  shuttle driver was already there when I arrived. I was so nervous but when I got in the van I immediately saw a cross dangling from his rear view and then I was good. He got us to the hospital in no time - no delays at the border and I was put in room 7.  I was hoping that because I arrived at 1pm they would do it sooner so I did not eat anything all morning, but nope had to starve another 6 hrs lol.  While my DH ate some really great meals!!  So after that I got my IV started in one stick :) and they drew my blood.  Dr Levi came in and talked and laughed with us he was a really great man I felt right at home.  Nurses were very nice and polite the room was very clean and the TV had satellite cable so we watch some good movies while we waited. Then 7pm came and Dr Levi came in and said we were ready.

I went in and had full intentions of staying awake during the surgery but I am such a weakling and one shot of some drowsy juice and I was out :( when I woke up they were sewing me up! I immediately asked about my lengths and they said the right side was 6-7 sooo great! and my other side was no longer there due to a ectopic pregnancy I had in the past but I already knew that going into surgery. My husband was there the whole time took some photos and video clips with our camera so I got to see some of what they were doing :I They took me back to my room at 9pm and I was out til the morning. I got up maybe two times requesting pain med and then I was back to sleep the nurses were very prompt. When I got up in the morning Dr Levi came in and said everything went great and if I was feeling up to it we could leave at 10am! So they nurses came in and took out my iv, catheter, and epidural and I jumped in the shower and when I got done getting dressed Armin was there already we stopped at a little taco stand cause I was so very hungry all I had was jello that morning and then we were on our way to the border. Luckily there was no traffic at the border so it was a breeze I got to the airport and paid the $5 for the long term parking and we were on our way home.  the drive was 2 1/2 hr and was no problem.  I had my pillow to secure me and did feel a lot of pressure luckily I brought some of my own pain meds in my car ;)

I am so happy with my results and the staff, doctors, and Kathy for all of their help and for making me and my DH feel so welcomed and safe and making me whole once again :) If your reading this and are worried about going to Mexico and 'what will my family think'..... DONT BE!   I wouldn't change a thing and I am so glad I chose Dr Perez and Dr Levi - they are the best.   I was in and out and the nurses and staff were great -nothing like here in the states where you are pressing the nurse button for an HOUR! I am also a LVN and their is nothing worse than have a nurse for a patient lol but I was totally comfortable.  Also take the SHUTTLE you do not want to get lost and it is safer.

I cannot wait to start TTC hopefully I will be writing my success story soon :)
Lupita Rios