Delilah Rivera

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Reversal 4/23/10
Lengths  L 4 R 4
Preg  1 m/c 2011 accidental
Preg  2 mc 2011
Preg  3 edd 2013

both open




Feb 2013

Well I wrote you several months back to tell you I had got a positive pregnancy test well just two weeks ago we found out it痴 a boy I知 AROUND 23 weeks right know. I知 getting very excited I can稚 wait to see my new miracle. Thank all the wonderful doctors for me I will update you when he arrives into the world. Delilah Rivera

Nov 2011

I lost baby number 2 and they don't know why - I just lost all hope and faith that I have left. thanks to the doctors in Mexico I did have the chance to get pregnant twice.

Oct 2011

I got great news I'm pregnant for a second time! I was giving up already I had told my husband that I was going to stop trying and just get bi pass surgery and do something special for myself and I scheduled an appointment for the surgery and boom didn't get my period and I waited a day and tested and tested again because I taught it couldn't be right and it was!  I'm 4.7 weeks and happy happy as can be I didn't think I could get pregnant on my own I was doing iui and clomid and it failed 3 times. I finally said that I didn't want to try anymore because each time was devasting for me and boom I'm pregnant.  thanks to Dr Levi and Dr Perez and this miracle place in Mexico I was able to get pregnant not once but twice
Thank you all so much. DUE DATE JUNE 17,2012

Aug 2011

Due to an accident we lost the baby.    We are trying once again - hoping for twins.

May 2011

Dr. Perez, Dr. Levi, After one year of waiting I'm finally pregnant and it's in the right spot I'm happy after 17 years I feel like myself again and I'm hoping that everything goes okay I had ultra sound and saw a baby heart beat and I got to see it was in the right spot I cant wait to see my baby you have all made me that happiest women in the world I don't know how to thank you all for such a great job. my baby is due December 12, 2011

I will keep you all updated and I just wanted to say gracias a todos aye in Rio Bravo reversals todos ustedes son angels en sedio te gracias por darme este milagro. que dois bendiga a todo.

Apr 2011

HELLO EVERYBODY AT RIO BRAVO REVERSALS: I write this short note with happy news today April 5th one year after my surgery I got a positive pregnancy test! well it was actually two positive test thank you from the bottom of my heart!  this is a true blessing from God and from Rio bravo reversals please thank you Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi I'm so grateful to all of your staff and you all make miracles happen. Delilah Rivera

Feb 2011

Its been 9 months since my surgery and today I finally got my hsg I put it off for so long because I was afraid they would say my tubes were blocked but today was the happiest day of my life both tubes are wide open and they even stated this was the first time they had ever seen tuba ligation reversal done and where the tubes where open the doctor who did the test said dr. Perez and dr. Levi were miracle workers. I even gave him the web site because he was so in shocked along with all the co-workers it was great. I did doubt dr Perez and dr. Levi work but after today I have to say these two doctors did a great job and their work is remarkable.  Anyone reading rio bravo reversals know that these two doctors are the greatest in the world and my tube are proof that they know what they are doing!  I'm so grateful for the work they did on my tubes and after 17 years there open wide - thank you so much muncho amor para to-dos

Sept 2010

Well I'm 4 months past my surgery date and in doing good. the surgery was great and not all that painful I was back to work in 2 weeks. I have doctors appt sept.13th to see if my tubes are open.  I'm a little nervous and I'm hoping they are which I don't doubt the work of God or Dr Perez.   my trip was well worth every dollar spent and it was a great vacation for myself I did go alone and had to have private nurse but she was great and I'm grateful I had her there with me.   My husband couldn't go because of visa status but he called me so much I felt like he was there. the dr's were great and I don't really remember dr. Perez but I do remember the great dr. Levi and dr. Moreno and dr. Diaz and I also remember the cross.  I looked for it and I felt at ease knowing god was with me. my story is like everyone else I was in a bad relationship for 10years. I wanted a big family but had my tubes tied after the birth of my 16 year old.  I have also a son 19years old and 3 beautiful grandkids.  I love them dearly but I met my husband 15 months ago and want to have more children at least one with this great man.  I finally got the money and made my appt.  I will forever be grateful for the care I received at Rio bravo reversal.  I'm not pregnant yet but I'm trying and I have faith. Also take the shuttle she was so nice and I really think she treated me so perfect.  Also thank you Kathy so very much.  I will keep you all updated as time goes on.  I'm on clomid to help me conceive and I'm hopeful. 

Aug 2010

My surgery was April 23, 2010 at 7p.m.and I was given back my life I知 whole again I have 4cm of tubes and I知 very happy with that- it痴 a lot more hope than I had for the past 16 years.  I知 from Colorado I知 like most women on this sight had bad relationship and was forced to have my tubal after the birth of my 16year old.  from that moment on I live every day with depression until I found Dr .Levi and Dr . Perez in 2005.   it took me 5 years to come up with the money every time I would save one thing or another came up and I had to use it on other things. In may of 2009 I met the man I fall in love with and he stole my heart when he asked for a child and I had to tell him I couldn't have any because my tubes where tied.  well in January I decided I would take the money out of my retirement and that's exactly what I did. So April 23,2010 three hours after my grandson was born I flew from Colorado to McAllen TX.   it was a day I will never forget - I wanted to see my grandson born but I also didn't want to miss my flight and boy did God hear my prayer. my grandson was born at 6:15a.m. and by 8:00 I arrived at the airport and off I was to fix my wrong.  When I arrived my shuttle Driver came up and asked my name and she said lets go you ready -I said yes and boy was I happy.  I was a little afraid I had caught a cough and was afraid they weren't going to do my surgery.

When I arrived to the hospital I was impressed as it was so beautiful my room was homey and perfect.  Dr .Levi asked questions and they came in did lab work and ekg and them off I was to surgery.  boy was I sleepy didn't feel a thing when I woke up I remember asking if everything went fine. I was told yes - 4cm both side and I was happy with that.  God blessed me by helping me find these Dr 's and I couldn't be more happy.  It's now Aug 2010 and no baby yet but I知 sure God will hear my prayers.  I知 hopeful and I will not give up. 

I was treated way better the us doctors - my room was cleaned and so beautiful.  I talk about this place everyday and I show pictures of my very clean room - no us hospital has such a pretty room. and Dr .levi I will never forget how very nice you were to me and the private nurse I had she was perfect and helped with all my needs.   I recommend this hospital to anyone trying to have a reversal done.  the nurses are great I had a private nurse who treated me better then here in the u.s. and the hospital is so clean. I also want to thank Kathy who was a great help through the wait period.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart the doctors and staff are the greatest gift of all. Also Concha the shuttle driver she is the most loving compassionate women around.  Dr Levi you are so great thank for all you help even when I came back I called you and bugged you and you were such a help you always were there to answer all my dumb questions thank you and god bless.

Delilah Rivera