Judy Staggs

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Reversal 3-26-10
Ligation 4-09-01
Lengths  L 4 R 5
Preg 1 mc 2010
Preg 2 mc 2011
Preg 3 mc 2011

May 2011
1 tube partial open




Jul 2011

I got pregnant once in Feb. 2011, and in July 2011. The pregnancy in Feb. turned out to be an ectopic and I lost my left tube because of it.  And got a HSG in May and showed my right tube was partially blocked and slow to spill.  Then the pregnancy in July happened rather quickly to my surprise but ended quickly. I would definitely recommend a HSG for anyone getting a TR. I also recommend that when you do get a BFP to check your HCG levels and be sure baby is snug in the right place to avoid complications. I am still hopeful.   God Bless

Aug 2010

I got a positive pregnancy test in June 2010 but sadly it ended in miscarriage.

May 2010

I went to Rio Bravo on March 26th and it was one of the best experiences I ever had. The Dr.'s and nurses were truly amazing. For the first time in 9 years I am whole again!

My Tr was scheduled for around 2 pm on March 26. We left Houston on the bus at 9 pm on March 25 (day before). Got to the McAllen bus station at 3:30 am and had to wait till 7 for the driver to cross the border to pick us up. Got to the hospital at around 8 am. The lady who drove us was Dr. Levi's mother-in-law. She was a delight. I signed the paperwork that was there for me, and laid down and rested. I was so excited that I couldn't rest!! Dr. Levi came in and asked me some questions, and spoke to me about the procedure. The nurse came in a put in my I.V. and I was amazed that she got it on the first try. So my hubby was starving by that time, and they brought him some lunch. It was chicken tostadas. It looked delicious, and smelled so good. I was starving lol. But soon after they prepped me for surgery and off I went.

The guys in the OR was so nice to me. I saw the cross above the door before they got started and a calm just went over me. I had the sleepy drug, but didn't go to sleep. I was just relaxed. I don't know why but I got nauseated and vomited.  They were so nice rubbing my head with a cold cloth after cleaning me up. It didn't seem to long and then there was just Dr. Levi left putting those couple of stitches in me, and I was done. They took me back to my room and I was to excited to sleep. I was whole again. 4cm left, 5cm right. I stayed the night and got released at about 8 am. The same lady drove us back to the bus station and we took Greyhound back to Houston.

My total cost for surgery:
2695-for TR
365-exam for being overweight
210-fee for drug allergies
210-fee for sleepy meds
170-shuttle fee
140-total bus fare from and back to Houston for both
200-passport books
Total came to $3990. So much cheaper than here in the US. And I had ALL the extras lol.