Misty S

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Surgery Date 4/17/10
Ligation 2005
Tube length  L 5 R 5
Preg 1 mc
Preg 2 It's a girl!





Welcome Maddison

Born January 2012 6:17 pm we had our beautiful little girl. She weighed 6lb 15oz, 20 1/4" long. She is a very healthy and content baby.

Jan 2012

I did have a BFP last summer, but ended up loosing the baby at 5 weeks. I was crushed! So I took my time and I am happy to say we are expecting any day now.

Apr 2010

Well I finally get to write my story!! My DH and I flew into McAllen Friday evening. Waiting for the shuttle we met Anna and her DH. Armin's wife picked us up and she was super sweet. She didn't speak any English, but tried her hardest to communicate and make us comfortable. She helped us check into the hospital and then left. It was very humid outside and unfortunately our AC didn't work :(. After a couple of hours they switched our room so that we could cool down. Dr. Levi came in and asked a few questions and chatted for a bit. He is so sweet and funny. The next morning around 6 am the cardiologist came in and did my EKG and the nurse put in my IV. She got it on the first try thank god!! A few minutes later they were wheeling me off t the OR.

I never had a chance to get nervous or scared. The anesthesiologist put the "happy juice" into my IV and I was out. I woke up a few times during surgery, but went right back to sleep. I guess I was talking and moving around too much so they knocked me out. When I woke up they were cleaning me up and I was done. I have 5cm on both sides and Dr. Levi says I have a really god chance of conceiving. I went back to my room and slept most of the day. My DH made best friends with the cashier at 7 eleven!! I think he went every couple of hours to get snacks and drinks. Saturday nite was a little rough cause my butt was going numb and I couldn't roll onto my side because of the catheter. I was so glad when they came in and took it out. Sunday I was up and walking around. I move a little slow, but I can walk. We waited for Armin's wife to come and pick us up. She is the cutest little thing. We waited at the border for maybe 30 min. Unfortunately we were picked to be searched. We all blamed it on my DH bringing a bag of chips back. HAHAHA!!! It only took a couple of minutes and we were on our way.

I love Rio Bravo and all of the DR and nurses!!! I would highly recommend this place to anyone.