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Surgery Date 05/28/10
Tube length  L R
Pg #1 It's a boy
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Jan 2013

In September 2012 we welcomed our first TR baby Laurence Jr. 6lbs 5.8oz 18 1/2 inches! We were absolutely elated. We will start working on #2 in the spring! Good Luck ladies you're in good hands!

Apr 2012

Hello all, just wanted to update everyone. I am now in my second trimester & expecting a BOY! Woohoo my husband & I are super excited!

Feb 2012

I'm Lakeisha Stewart & I had my reversal in May 2010. Since then I have had several miscarriages but we are now expecting a baby October 2012! Yeeay i'll keep you posted!

Jun 2010

Ok its been almost a week since my surgery and I'm feeling pretty good. I'm 32 years old & got a tubal after my 5th child from a previous marriage. I'm now married again & my husband and I want a child together. I've researched this for months and decided to just do it even though I was scared out of my mind. I thought of all types of things that could go wrong, in addition to that I had to go alone because my husband was out of town working & no one else had a passport and I was NOT rescheduling.

The day of the surgery I flew in 2 hours later than expected but when I did arrive the minute I walked out of the airport someone was there to pick me up. She pulled right up & said my name, I then got in & in no time I was at the hospital. I walked & immediately noticed how clean it was & how clean it smelled. I was escorted to my room & brought a remote for my tv & air which I never used cause the temp was fine. I looked around the room it was nice, there was the area where my bed was & couch then another area where there was a little dining table & another couch. The nurse then came in & told me to change into my gown, although they didn't speak English & I didn't speak Spanish we seem to understand each other pretty well. The doctor came in asked a few questions & asked if I needed anything I said only the wep key so I could get online lol. He went out & bought it right back in to me. I did have a English channel so I was able to watch tv & because my phone has wi-fi I was also able to make calls. They came in took blood & started my iv which was pretty painless (a first for me).

I took a short nap then the nurse came in to wheel me into to surgery. She put my booties on and a cap on my head and we were off. When I got in and laid down the anesthesiologist told me to lay in a fetal position all of a sudden I started getting sleepy, I asked did you give me a sedative he said yes and that's all I remember. I didn't feel the epidural at all! I woke up when it was almost over and asked could I scratch my nose lol they said no so I tried to rest. They then finished and bought me back to my room I was pretty comfortable but my family kept calling all through the night! The doctor explained to me how my surgery went and told me I should have no problems conceiving. The next day I woke up in a little pain so they gave me something for it, I ate breakfast then around lunch time he asked if I was ready to go. I took a shower got dressed they wrapped the band around me then I packed & was off. It took about 30mins to get across he border because of the lines after that I was dropped at the airport and on my way home.

All in all it was a great experience, I'm glad its over and I can't wait till I can TTC! The doctors & nurses were great and I would recommend them to anyone!


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