Destiney Summers

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Surgery Date 5/28/10
Tube length  L 7 R 7
Pregnancy 1 edd
Pregnancy 2  





Apr 2011

Me and my husband had been married almost 3 years. My 2nd marriage his first I have 2 children from my previous marriage and he didn't have any. We had talked about having the surgery for over a year we looked into the surgery here in the states and the cost was outrageous for it, we had almost given up hope on having the opportunity to have a baby together when I decided to google it one more time, that is when Rio Bravo popped up.  We got so excited and thought oh wow maybe our prayers have been answered. We called and within a week we had it set up deposit sent and plane reservations made.

My husband was nervous bout going to Mexico to have it done but once we had the ball rolling he got excited, We landed in McAllen and got outside to meet with the shuttle, we had a little excitement crossing over the border, the border patrol didn't like the camo pack that my husband had packed his clothes in but after a few minutes we were back on the road to the hospital. When we arrived we were taken to our room and it was very clean and smelled excellent, I was given the gown and told to change and the doctor would be in shortly, after all the extra testing was done we were taken into the operating room I think it was around 6:30 or 7:00pm. My husband loved the fact that he could video the whole surgery and take pictures he loves that kind of stuff.   Once they put the epidural in and sedative I was out, I felt a little more secure knowing my husband was right there watching the whole thing. After the surgery I was starving but of course not allowed to eat all I wanted was the street tacos I love street tacos from Mexico but couldn't eat them, but Dr Roberts told my husband where they were so he went and got some, Butthead lol. The next morning I was sore and hungry they gave me a dose of pain meds and then finally got to eat some tacos hmmmmm my mouth is starting to water just thinking bout them. We were released by around 1 pm I think and back across the border we went.

My husband and I were very impressed with staff and facility and have recommended them to a lot of our friends and family.  The surgery was May 28th 2010, we were told that the surgery went fantastic that I had 7cm on each side and excellent chance of conception.

Aug 24th we found out we were pregnant, I am now in the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy expecting my third his first and the whole pregnancy has been very uneventful and no complications. Our daughter is due April 26th 2011.

All I have to say is thank you for blessing our family with a child that is completely wanted and definitely a miracle for us.

Thank you all its because of you we have this blessing.
Destiney and Jason Summers


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