Mary Velazquez

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Surgery Date 03/06/10
Ligation 1996
Tube length  L 5 R 7
Preg 1 2011 mc
Preg 2 2011 mc
Preg 3  

11/24/10 blocked tubes

2/14/11 Lap test - both tubes OPEN




Nov 2011

I don't have really Good News but I want RB to know that we did get pregnant again. It had been 5 months since my last m/c. I was pg for 7weeks pregnant before we lost the baby. Sept 12, 2011- M/C Nov 1, 2011
We are not giving up but just taking a little TTC break right now.

Thanks to all the Doctors and Staff at Rio Bravo for if not for you all I would have never been able to see the 2 pink lines again.


Jun 2011

February 14, 2011 had a Lap Tubes open not blocked @ fimbriae fingers the tubes are narrow close to the uterus due to TL and TR. My Dr. was very impressed by the great job Dr. Perez and his staff had done. He gave me a 30% chance of getting pg without IVF. Said my Left tube looks better than right.

First BFP  May 15, 2011 m/c

Jun 2011

All of Mexico can be scary. But I would go back to anytime. Hubby and I are even thinking about taking a vacation back there in the near future.

Well to begin, Hubby n I had to work Fri March 5, my TR was scheduled for Sun March 7. We drove from Omaha, NE to Rio Bravo. I couldn't wait to leave work and start driving. My DH said we will leave @ 3, well that became 4 O'clock. We still made it passed Oklahoma City, which was my GOAL. We had driven to MX before so I wanted to get as far south as possible. Texas is a long state to travel. We never thought we would be crossing tx before it became night but we did. So on sat afternoon 4:00 we entered the HOSPITAL. I knew and told hubby that they might do my TR SAT night if they have time or an opening.

I Spoke w/ Dr. Levi and he said if you want “you can do it tonight”. So, I looked @ Armando and said -?want to do it tonight? He looked @ me in disbelief because I warned him.  I told Dr. Levi, OKAY if you want if not I can wait till morning. Plus, I wanted to meet Tally and explore the town but instead I took a shower and put on a gown... I had to have the extra exam, so Dr come and check me out because of my BMI.. Once I got the okay, the nurses came in and stuck me. OUCH, she was moving that thing around in my arm. She gave me solution in the IV because I didn't eat anything. Tally sent in her Hubby over to say HI, but I was already hooked up and so was she so we didn’t get to meet yet. Had to wait until Sunday morning & Tally came to my room and said hi before she left. She made me think I was being a big baby because she was up walking around and ready to go home again.

I walked into the op room and Dr. Perez was lying down on my OPERATING BED. I just stared @ him not knowing what to make of it. He was taking his blood pressure. OH MY now what Dr. P's going to have a heart attack during my surgery? He got up and I got on the bed still really nervous because I never got an epidural before. Dr. Levi said you have nothing to worry about added sleepy juice to my IV and I was out before the needle was in my back. My hubby was grossed out while they we're just prepping me. So during my Operation he was in the washroom from the very beginning. I didn't even speak to Dr. Perez but hubby did. They woke me up and I was looking around trying to find my Hubby (nowhere to be found) Dr. Moreno went to get him. My first words WAS EVERYTHING OKAY!!!

Yeah you got 5L & 7R. Not what I meant I was so worried that they were going to find cysts, endometriosis or something else. It almost has been 14 yrs since my TL was done close to the uterus. Dr. Perez had very little tube to work with. Dr. Levi said I’d be OKAY. Not to be a Debbie Downer but I’m still worried about being about to get pregnant.

Mary V