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Reversal Dec 16, 2010
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Mar 2011

First of all, thanks to all the Rio Bravo staff! Even though there was a language barrier, I felt comfortable at the hospital.  We are from the Seattle area and I had a terrible time finding anywhere to go for a reversal that the cost was under $12,000. Trying to schedule with my work was next to impossible in the states. It was very easy to schedule with Rio Bravo and they have all the information you could want on the web site. Thank you to Kathy for answering my questions in a very timely manner. Very helpful!

My husband and I went to Rio Bravo in December after much opposition from my family. They were terrified of us going with all the drug cartel problems that are in the news. My father even talked to an FBI agent in Texas that told him that no one should do business in Mexico. I had all the reservations made and have been to Mexico many times with no problems, so I felt like we were taking every precaution we could to have a safe trip. We arrived in McAllen late evening so we decided to stay the night and leave in am (daylight hours) I got a room at the Super 8 that was approx 4 miles from airport. Cab driver wanted $25.00 for a $5.00 cab ride! Beware and ask cab fares before you get in! Recommend the shuttle, definitely!!  In a.m. shuttle was waiting for us and we headed over border. No waiting going into Mexico and we saw no signs of any violence or anything out of the ordinary.

The hospital was nice and we were admitted right away and filled out papers, i.v. and answered questions from Dr Levi. He does speak very good English. Got there about 10 and waited until 2 ish for surgery. Epidural and surgery seemed to go very well. Hubby was so enthralled in surgery he didn't get any pictures, but was watching their every move over their shoulders! I had come to find out my tubal reversal doctor removed my fimbria so they did what they could. I believe they gave us a 20% chance, so we will see if a miracle occurs!

I was sore that night, especially in my lower back. Next a.m. I was up and took a shower. That felt great. It was hard to stand, but once I was upright, I could slowly move around. I was released 24 hours later and the shuttle was there ready to go. It took a little longer crossing into U.S. (questioning) however, we were on our way in no time. We went and got a car rental to spend the next 4 days touring Texas. I was a little sore for the first couple of days, however we did walk around the San Antonio Alamo and Riverwalk 2nd and 3rd days after surgery. I walked slowly!

It has been 3 months and I am completely healed and trying for a miracle baby!  Thank you Rio Bravo and all the doctors. I would absolutely recommend to anyone considering going there.