Yolanda Whitehead

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Surgery Date  Aug 7, 2010
Ligation 2003
Tube length  L 7 R 7.8
Preg 1 It's a Girl!
May 2012
Preg 2  





Welcome Baby Girl !!

We are proud to announce our miracle baby girl was born in 2012. Miracles happen every single day. Keep the faith you're miracle is on the way. God wouldn't have brought you to it if he wasn't gonna see you through it. He is able!!!

Oct 2010

First I would like to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for leading me to Rio Bravo, Mexico. I prayed and asked the Lord who would he like to physically restore me. I had a couple of other Dr's I was looking to use. Each day I was lead to the Rio Bravo site with tears streaming down my face. I felt that tugging on my heart so strong that I knew Perez was the Dr that he picked for me. I am glad I was obedient and booked. To God be the Glory!!! For he is worthy of my praise.

My husband and I drove from California to MC Allen, Texas. Surgery was schedule for 8 AM on Aug 7th 2010. Armin the shuttle drive picked us up from Hotel at 7AM. I strongly advise booking the shuttle service. The driver spoke a little English and his driving good. There was a little traffic crossing into Mexico. The guards were not scary. I felt safe and I was at peace crossing the border. The hospital is off white with gold letters like its video taped on the website. It's small, warm, VERY clean and cozy. Armin showed my husband and I to our room which room 7. He walked us through the paperwork. And we paid him the rest of the cost for the shuttle and he left.

Shortly afterwards Dr Levi come in and introduced himself to my husband and I. We laughed and joked around the whole time. God sure blessed him with a lot of humor. He went over family and medical history. While we were doing the paperwork the nurse was drawing blood and setting up my IV. I was at peace the whole time. Dr Diaz came in explaining the surgery and told me that my surgery was next they had to deliver a baby before me. Your next he said at 10AM. Two baby girls were born while we were there. The nursery is small and cute. 945AM my sweet nurse came in and pointed at the time and told me to put the gown on and gave my husband his scrubs to out on. Dr. Levi came in and said its time to rock and roll lol. I was wheeled to the ER by my nurse who was rubbing my shoulder telling me no worries. I wasn't nervous at all. I have waited for this since 2003 and couldn't wait to be restored, whole. I got a chance to speak with Dr Perez before getting on the OR table. He speaks a little English.  The mood in the OR was one I never felt before. They were so laid back. Talking, laughing and singing. They kept my husband entertained. My husband loves to joke around so he was at home. Dr. Moreno was on vacation he is the anesthesiologist. I don't remember the Dr's name that was filling in for him. He was gentle and caring which was comforting. Dr. Diaz assured me that the Epidural wouldn't hurt. He said "Yolanda I got some happy feel good juice" laughing. "Once I give you this juice girl you will not feel a thing". Well, I don't remember anything else lol. My husband told me that the anesthesiologist got the needle in on the first try. I waking up on the OR table with Dr. Levi and Dr. Diaz sewing me up. My husband was right next to me when I opened my eyes. My hands was raised in the air thanking the Lord for restoring me physically. My husband took plenty of pictures of the surgery.  Dr. Perez performed my surgery, Dr. Levi and Diaz assisted him.

I was afraid that my legs would stay numb like they did after c-section. My legs didn't stay numb long at all. I was not in any pain afterwards and didn't use the pain meds in recovery. I laid flat on my back for the whole 24 hours. I did not suffer from spinal headache. Dr Levi came in hours later to check on me and explained the surgery. He said I had very minimal scar tissue and looked like a young woman in the inside. Tube Lengths 7 cm left and 7 cm right. He said right was close to being 8cm(7.8 cm) He advised that we wait the FULL 2 month before TTC.  HE stayed and talked to my husband and I for a long time that evening. I was discharged at 8AM Aug 8, 2010 with my discharge paperwork and antibiotics and meds. Armin was there to take us back to the US. I made sure I had my small pillow across my lap on the ride back. Which was a life saver.  Our drive back home was painful. We did make a lot of stops was very helpful.

My experience to Rio Bravo was one that I will never forget. I would like to thank my earthly angels the staff of the Hospital for taking very good care of my husband and I. Making our experience special. If your unsure I would say you have nothing to be afraid of. You will be safe and comfortable. The presence of the Lord Jesus Christ and angels dwells in that building. The Dr's are anointed and choose by God and I am blessed that he led me to them.


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