Sharita Williams

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Surgery Date  12/04/10
Tube length  L R
Preg 1 It's a girl
Mar 2012
Preg 2  

2011 blocked




April 2012

Gabrielle Simms arrived March 2012! God blessed me to see another year,day,minute,hour,second & on top of that I was so blessed to have u Gabrielle Simms join the family u LiL- Lady bug!!!

Aug 2011

Hello I'm proud to report that I had my tubal reversal 12/04/2010 and today 8/12/2011 I am 4weeks pregnant will post more soon

June 2011

I had my tubal reversal done 12-04-2010 and I had an hsg done and was told that I have blocked tubes - they said that as I healed from my surgery the scar tissue came and that I didn't have a chance.


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