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Surgery Date 3/13/2010
Tube length  L 7 R 7
Pregnancy 1 edd
Jul 7, 2011
Pregnancy 2  





Jun 2011

I am currently expecting a little boy, due 7/7/11!

Oct 2010

We left our house Friday afternoon at about 5:30. We were headed to San Antonio to stay one night and drive the rest of the way on Saturday. Armin was supposed to meet us at 5:00 on Saturday for my surgery scheduled for Sunday AM. We had a great time in San Anton but I was too excited to even sleep, so we got up early and left early. Marcos called me when were were right out side of McAllen to see where we were and it was only 2:30. So, Armin picked us up at about 3:00.  The ride to RB was uneventful, but it was my first time in Mexico, so it was a really eye opening experience for me.

When we arrived, we were put into room 3. Dr. Levi came in shortly after and we went down the standard 'list' of info that he needed. He kind of got onto my husband for smoking, but it was all in fun. He asked if I had eaten and I hadn't so we were going to do the surgery in a couple hours! I peeked in on AJ and she was doing good! She had just had her IV, cath and epi removed and was about to take a shower.  So, Dr. Levi handed me my gown on the way back to the room and told me to get changed. The nurse came in shortly afterwards to do my IV. She did a pretty good job, but it was still painful. She got it in though.... They came to get me a little before 6 and I was crazy nervous. They wheeled me down to the OR and told William to get changed into the scrubs. While he was gone, they got me up on the table and I was really starting to freak. I was terrified that they were going to put the epidural in before I had the 'funny juice' in my IV! But Dr. Levi was there and he was calm and told me not to worry, he would handle it. So, he started my IV juice and I was all good.... I wasn't still enough, so they had to do the extra sedation, but I was still awake for and remember some of the details. It was all over by about 7:30 and back to my room!

I have 7 on both sides.... NO external stitches.... my post-op report from my tubal was incorrect and there were no clips.... Dr Moreno (sp?) took a ton of pics because my hubby wasn't crazy about it.... Dr. Levi also pointed out some intestine issues that he wants me to have checked out when I get home..   The night was tough... I didn't want any more pain meds, so I suffered.... and couldn't sleep much. Kept waiting for the sun to come up so I could get all the tubes unhooked! My hubby was snoring, so I didn't want to wake him unless I really needed something. They brought breakfast about 8 and I finally got to eat! (I was starving!) Pancakes and bananas- yum! Dr. Levi was there shortly afterwards and said everything looked good and I could get all the tubes unhooked. The nurse came and took it all out and I took a shower. The water took FOREVER to get warm and barely dripped out, but it was nice to get clean. My husband had to help me, as I was in quite a bit of pain. They re-wrapped me and I got dressed and went to visit with AJ and John. We were all going back at the same time. William got us packed and we were on our way at about 11 or 11:30. The ride was quick with the group of us (another girl named Rita was with us too).  

We ate some lunch in McAllen and were on our way home.... The pain has been pretty bad, but I'm a wuss, so that doesn't say much. We ended up stopping in San Anton again on our way home to stay the night because I couldn't get comfy in the car. I'm home and resting now.... bored out of my mind!

Stephanie Woods



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