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Reversal 7/09/10
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Welcome Briseyda Romelia

Well I had my baby!!! Thank God (and these wonderful, awesome doctors) all went very well. I had a beautiful baby girl who weighed 8 lbs 12 ozs and was 20” long named Briseyda Romelia. She was born via c-section on December 10th, 2011.  I wish all of you the very best of luck… I hope this works out for all of you as it has for me.  Sincerely,  Melissa


June 2011

Well... I guess lets start from the beginning... I already had 4 children (including a set of twins) when I decided to get my tubes tied. Biggest mistake I ever made!!! I ended up getting a divorce from my physically and emotionally abusive husband and meeting someone new, who is now my wonderful husband :). My current husband has no children, and at 25 year old I was devastated at the mistake I had made so young. I searched high and low, and we thought about it and discussed it for over a year. Finally the decision was made-- I would have a tubal reversal so that we could have another baby. Of course I was nervous, what if this didn't work and we got our hopes up and we could never have a baby??? I contacted Dr. Levi about 6 months before I actually went thru with anything. I scheduled my appointment for August 13th of 2010, but was still really worried. Later, the doctor I work for here in Michigan decided to take a leave during July, so I called and moved my surgery to July 9th, 2010.

I arrived at the McAllen Airport and waited where Conchita came to pick me up. I was pretty nervous but she kept me calm and just talked and visited with me the whole way there, which wasn't far at all... maybe 45 minutes. Then we arrived to "Hospital de las Americas". It was a very small hospital, but when we walked in it was beautiful. I met with the nurses and doctors, then had the internal med doctor check me out and before I knew it (within about an hour) I was being prepped for surgery. I got my epidural but could still feel what was going on so I had to be put under general anesthesia. I really wanted to see what was going on but that was probably better, I was pretty scared.

When I came out of surgery Dr. Jose and Dr. Levi where there. They told me that my surgery had been a great success. I had 6cm of tube on each side and they were wide open. I was told to have a hysterosalpingogram after about 45 days and could start trying to conceive after 2 months. I stayed the night in the hospital and was able to go. So I went back home a happy camper! On the way back there were some bumps in the road :) There had just been a hurricane so the Rio Bravo had over flowed and the only bridge open was the one we had to take, so the 45 minute drive back took 5 hours!!! I stayed in a hotel since my flight was for early the next morning. When I got home the pain was a little more that I expected, but I am a bigger girl so the incision wasn't as small as most peoples are. We got through it though. Then suddenly another small bump in the road... my periods stopped for 4 months. I had my doctor put me on provera and progesterone and still nothing!!  So we had to wait.  I couldn't have the hsg either b/c it has to be at a certain time in your cycle. So I very impatiently waited.  Finally in November it came, we  started trying to conceive and my doc's here said if I wasn't pregnant by March (6mos) they wanted to do the hsg. I went to FL for a family emergency the date I was to have it so it was postponed for the next month.  That never came...

On April 6th for some odd reason I decided to do a pregnancy test at work. IT WAS POSITIVE!!! I started crying and my co-workers were all hugging me. It was the happiest moment of my life. I am now 15 weeks pregnant and expecting my TR baby on 12/16/2011.

I hope all of you other mommies have just as much luck as I did!!!

Thank you Dr.s Jose and Levi for everything. I owe you something I could never ever repay you for... You have changed my life forever.

Melissa X