Tommie A

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Reversal 5/19/2011
Lengths  L R
Preg  1 mc
Preg  2 It's a girl





Jan 2012

I had my reversal in 05/2011. I had a miscarriage in 11/2011 and was expecting again in 02/2012. I gave birth to Khloee Angelee on 11/2012. She was 8 lb.1oz. My husband and I want to thank you so much. God bless.

May 2012

I had a tubal reversal with you guys in May, 2011. I want to thank you. I am 3 months pregnant and due in Nov.2012.

You guys are great!

Nov 2011

I am Tommie A and I had my tubal reversal 05/ 2011. I went to my obgyn 11/14/2011 and found out I am pregnant. Thank You .