Teresa Beltran

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Reversal Apr 30, 2011
Lengths  L 4.5 R4.5
Preg  1  
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May 2011

I arrived a RB Friday morning I was given my room I had forms to fill out paid Armin I think everybody was busy it was very quiet.  Armin told me get comfortable and someone will be here soon.  We turned on TV about thirty min later nurse arrived and gave me gown told me told me to put it on she put my iv in and left.  Around noon Dr Levi walked in asked lot of medical history questions and advised me I would be going in to surgery at 3pm.  I knew it was real and I would not be leaving without being whole again. I GOT REALLY NERVOUS, SCARED I WANTED TO LEAVE . I even cried my husband was no help he just told me that is OK "lets go you don't have to this" we cuddled a while I told him as soon as some one comes in I will tell them I am leaving . Well no one came in till 3pm and it was the nurse to take me to OR.  She said 'you ready?'  I looked at my husband he said tell her you not doing it.  I took a deep breathe and told yes I am ready I HAVE BEEN PLANNING THIS FOR FIVE YEARS

Before I knew it I was on the operating table they told me to get into a fetal position.  I was told we will be giving you something to make you relax I remember dosing in and out no pain at all I would just look for my husband who was standing next to the Dr most of the time . Then I was taken back to room very tired and still very sleepy I could hear what was going on but I just wanted to sleep.  My hubby got supper, a nurse came in and checked my vitals often thru out the night . Next day I woke up to breakfast pancakes it was good food not hospital food . Then I was ready for a bath I FELT GREAT I only hurt when I PULLED OR STRETCHED other wise I felt like I WAS OK .

The doctors are great, the staff is great, I would recommend them in a heart beat!  I AM SO HAPPY I DID NOT BACK OUT!

Teresa B