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Reversal 05/27/11
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May 2011

Please do not believe the horror stories. I traveled to Rio Bravo alone 2 weeks ago.  I had a very safe trip to and from there.

I must admit that leading up to Friday, May 27th. I was full of excitement and anxiety, wondering if I was doing the right thing.  I'm recently divorced so there's no suitor in mind but I wanted to be ready just in case "Mr. Right..Future Hubby/Baby Daddy" enters my life.  So, here goes.

I only told a few of my closest friends where I was going and why...I didn't want any one trying to convince me what was right for me, my body and my future.  Anyways, my 18 year old knew mommy was going away for the weekend and needed her help. So, my daughter, a good friend and I drove from Richmond to Dulles airport at 3am Friday morning.  We ran into several construction sites so I panicked at the thought of missing my flight...alot of what ifs.  We got to Dulles around 5:25am. I hopped out so that they could get back to Richmond in time for school and work.  I checked my luggage at Continental and proceeded to the boarding area, took a 2 hour nap and waited for them to announce Houston's flight.  I think we pulled out around 820ish or so..don't remember.  I'm a sleeper ..working 2 jobs, I need all the rest I can get.

I didn't realize Houston's airport was so BIG...felt lost trying to figure which way to go, so I followed the crowd and low and behold hopped on board Train A. There was a couple on the Dulles flight headed to McAllen, so I wondered if she was going to a TR but realized her baby was perhaps too young for her to be getting one...they had 2 kids a son about 3 and the baby was about 13 months or so. The wife recognized me from the other flight and wanted to know, if i had family in McAllen...just politely said, no just taking care of some business. Anyways, I get to the boarding area for McAllen and they had changed the departure I was breaking my neck trying to get from gate 1 to gate a matter of minutes.  I got there just in time ..about 10 minutes later they announced boarding. I was like..its getting

So, again I catch me some ZZZZzz's and we arrive in McAllen, as soon as I touch down Marcos called.  I told him just arrived needed to get my luggage..he said Armin was in a blue van waiting for me. I get outside and walk up to the infamous blue van, Armin rolls down the window and I gave my best "Hola, Armin..como estas".  He spoke, Hola Tifani, bein y tu. I got in and we were off. I think it was about a 30 mins ride into Rio Bravo. I couldn't believe it. I watched the many trucks crossing into the states, the people hanging out and the Polizia check points along the way.  We finally arrived at the hospital and Armin placed me in Rm 2.  He came back with some papers had me to sign and asked me to pay him.

Then I was moved to another room...Rm 1 and I thought, I like!! Dr. Levi came and introduced himself, said we were still on for 7 and introduced me to my private nurse Diana (a cute baby face, so nice and sweet).  I undressed and prepped for surgery.  I met several nice nurses and although my Spanish was on zelch..we managed to communicate.  I showed them the vein that I preferred them to use for my IV.  It worked out well for all of us. Diana was there every step of the way like a familiar friend.  We "talked" before surgery and I got some more sleep before it was time to go in.  I remember them placing the cap and booties on my feet and wheeling me into the room. I immediately noticed the cross that Amanda D told me about and prayed like crazy for God's protection and healing...the anesthesiologist said a couple of things to me and told me to relax. I guess I did because I was out like a light...I remember waking up about 8ish (there was a clock on the right side of the wall...or either I was seeing things). I think I asked, how much longer because I could feel pressure on the right side..oh and the doctors were having a good time..they were working and laughing at the same time.  Guess, I got restless because Dr. Moreno was putting more meds in my IV and I was out...AGAIN.  The next time I woke up, the nurse was prepping me to go back into the room.  I remember a couple of nurses, Dr. Diaz and I think Dr. Moreno came to the room. I placed back into bed. Dr Diaz said things went well and I have 5 cm on both sides then he gave me the Falope Rings...(they're super tiny). Diana placed them into my bag and he left. Throughout the night the nurses came in to check on me and Diana. Dr. Levi stopped by as well to check and said he'll return in the next day.  I wanted food but he said I had to wait.  I slept peacefully Friday night.

Saturday morning, I had breakfast and felt great just a little sore overall in a good mood.  Diana said, I could take a shower..she removed the catheter but the IV stayed so that they could continue to inject meds.  I felt like a new person after bathing and putting on some clothes.  Diana and I talked more and shared pictures..after lunch, Diana had to leave.  I was like don't go.. I told Dr. Levi, that she was EXCELLENTE'...she really looked after me.  The night went on and I watch a little television and kept sending text messages back home to occupy my time.  I finally feel asleep then I woke up to the most horrible pain ever.  I was sweaty and my stomach was hard as a board. I climbed out of bed and attempted to walk away the pain, finally I walked to the nurses station and banged on the desk top for assistance then I went back to the room and called..all I could say was ROOM UNO.  The nurse came and I showed her a paper with Spanish translation.  I pointed out that I was nauseous and in pain.  Before, this little bout I had been given meds.  She came in and took my pressure and tried to help me back into bed but I decided to sleep on the sofa.  I realized it was gas..the worse I had ever experienced by the next morning I was fine.

I got up, showered and prepared to go home.  I talked to Dr. Levi the next day and he advised my pressure was escalated the night before.  I told him about the incident so I think it affected my pressure. He checked me to make sure everything was fine. It was finally time to leave,  Armin and a local TR patient were waiting for me.  I said, good bye to the nurses and we were off.  We stopped at a local store and headed towards TX to drop the other patient and her friend off.  We chatted for a bit and they translated for me in Spanish (I must become fluent asap) during the ride.  Finally, reached their destination in Texas and off to McAllen, Armin and I went.  After reading previous testimonials, I knew that I wasn't going to walk big ole Houston after surgery so I ordered wheelchair service.  My McAllen flight boarded about 1030ish,  a nice man headed to Phoenix sat next to me.  The flight was packed and hot but I promised to make due or at least I thought. we were about 15 mins from landing when I woke up in a terrible sweat.  I told my seat mate that I didn't feel well.  He got the flight attendant and she bought me some water which I basically used to cool my self off..after that I was fine but I couldn't wait to reach Houston.  We got to Houston and wheelchair service was waiting for me.  The gentleman took me to a stopping point where another gentleman was waiting to take me to my gate.  I asked him to stop me at the closest food place near the gate and I would walk from there.  I got something to eat then walked down to gate C21 headed to Dulles Airport.  The ticket agent called my name and offered to walk me down to board before the other passengers.  I was so grateful for the offer and gesture.  It was a huge plan, air was flowing and I was in the 2nd row after the Elite members entrance in seat 7F.  I was in heaven and thought to myself, I need to request wheelchair service on all future flights.  I arrived in Dulles, VA safely and my friend and daughter were waiting.  We drove 2 hrs back to Richmond and things have been fine since.  I'm mobile with a little soreness. I spent most of the day in bed and plan to do the same tomorrow....I Guess.

Overall, I had a pleasant experience and will recommend Rio Bravo to anyone seeking Tubal Reversal.  I'm grateful, to all the transportation, doctors, nurses, medical staff and my dear Diana..that helped me during my stay!!!

Tiffany C