Loretta C

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Reversal 9/09/11
Lengths  L6 R7
Preg  1 edd
Preg  2  





Mar 2012

There's gonna be a 5th cook on the way.  Thank you all for your support I cant wait for the rest of my tr sisters to join me

Sept 2011

Hi my name is Loretta I have four girls and a wonderful husband we have been together since 17 yrs - he has been a huge blessing in my life .A lot of people think I must have gotten remarried to want more children .not true I got my tl because it was just something I thought I was supposed to do- 4 girls is enough right? .Not long after I had the tl I started to wish for more children my husband thought different because today's world 4 children is a large family .7 years went by he started to understand how I felt .all it took for him to hold a baby again and ember how much joy we had raising the girls they are and he said it would be fun to have some little ones again - so their we set off looking to get it done .But I already found DR Perez and my husband doesn't get in to details. It took long time before I could go but I got the chance and jumped on it Sept ,9,2011.

I ended up going by myself but had a private nurse she was awesome and the hospital was super clean The doctor was the best and I got some real good pictures of my tubes I had 6-7 cm . having surgery wasn't easy but the staff at the hospital are great .