Carolyn E

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State NC
Reversal Mar 11, 2011
Lengths L 6 R 6
Preg  1  
Preg  2  
Age 47


Mar 2011

I had my tr on Friday and back home in NC in bed today, Monday. We flew into San Antonio Thursday evening and drove to McAllen. The whole family went and the next morning my husband and I drove across the Donna/Rio Bravo Bridge to Rio Bravo. Absolutely no problems at all but what else can you expect when you know this is the Lord's Will. The city was nice and the people at the office and hospital were extremely caring, friendly and competent. The hospital was extremely well run and clean. The only issue is the fact that I do not speak enough Spanish to be understood and most of the nurses do not speak English but that even seemed to be no big deal since sign language is the all around universal language....yes...thanks for hands. Dr. Levi was super and so were the rest of the physicians. Dr. Perez's wife was a gem and so beautiful. I am 47 so of course had to have the extra was a breeze and I passed with flying colors. My husband said the food was excellent and of course I could not eat either because of upcoming surgery or after surgery so had to have hoo!!!

Everything turned out super...both of my tubes are 6 cm long and if it's the Lord's Will for us to have a child then in about 2 months we could begin to try but that was not my purpose for the surgery was to get back into God's Grace since I took it upon myself and stepped out of His Grace when I had my ligation. I am at peace with the Lord and that is all that matters.

Good luck everyone.